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Rahma Umar
Data analysis in Doha was an amazing experience. The team was always ready to help and the projects that I got to work on were varied and interesting. It was great to learn from everyone around me and to apply my skills in the most effective ways. It was an incredible learning opportunity and I am grateful for the experience.
Qadir al-Bassam
I was extremely happy to work as a data analyst in Doha. The office is a great place to work with a focus on collaboration and data-driven decision making. I had the pleasure of working with an amazing team with a wealth of knowledge and experience that helped me grow. I am proud to have worked in this environment.
Weng Fang Li
I had the opportunity to develop my skills as an agronomist in the city of Doha and I have nothing but positive memories to share. There are abundant resources available to enhance your knowledge, and the people are very friendly and supportive. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to work in this field.
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Can foreigners work as carpenters in Doha?

Yes, it is allowed for foreign nationals to work as carpenters in Doha, provided they have a valid permit from the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs.

What documents do I need to get a carpenter permit in Doha?

You need to provide a valid passport/national identity card, a no-objection letter from your employer, copies of relevant experience certificates and a valid employment contract.

How long does it take to get a carpenter permit in Doha?

It takes approximately three to four weeks for the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs to process the carpenter permit applications.

What is the cost associated with getting a carpenter's permit in Doha?

The cost of getting a carpenter's permit in Doha depends on the length of the permit and the type of work you intend to do. Generally, it costs up to QR 1,000.

Are there any restrictions on working hours for carpenters in Doha?

Yes, carpenters in Doha are required to follow the labour law set by the Qatar government. This includes observing weekly and public holidays, not working more than 8 hours per day, and taking a minimum of 1.5 days off per week.