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Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia


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Jobs in Mecca

What pushes people to look for work abroad? The unstable situation in their country, the decline in living standards in recent years caused by economic, political, social and a number of other factors. Many people choose Saudi Arabia as their new country for work. Mecca- is a great city to get a job.

How and where to find jobs in Makkah?

Independent search for an employer. In this case, our Layboard will help you a lot. The complexity of this path is that, as a rule, a foreigner can apply for the proposed position only if the domestic applicant refused it. This is not so easy to do.Layboard shows you all the details you need  to understand.

Job search through government agencies is even harder. As a rule, such a privilege is enjoyed by highly qualified specialists, thanks to interdepartmental agreements. These are people with vast work experience who come to work abroad at the initiative of the host party.

Let us tell you how to find a job abroad with 100% success. Before you start the search process, you need to write a resume correctly. This is 50% success. Indicate your main specialty, not the related professions you have. If you are applying for a more highly qualified job - experience, knowledge of a foreign language and recommendations provide a significant advantage. The decision to hire a foreign citizen is made by the Office for Foreigners. In case of a positive result, the employer is obliged to conclude an employment contract with you, which gives you the opportunity to obtain a visa for the duration of your agreement.

What are the features of working in Makkah?

The main thing is new possibilities. Migration abroad is not just a stable job. This is a chance to discover a new world, completely fascinated by it, to try to work in new places, with new people. When signing a contract with a verified company, there will be no problems with paperwork. The company will always help in obtaining a visa and work permit. The client has the right to free consultation and assistance in any situation.

Expatriate Makkah jobs offered do not need knowledge of language. Working abroad without knowledge of the language, although with some limitations, is no longer a problem, as some companies are able to provide, at the request of the client, an interpreter at their own expense. He will help with communication with the employer for a while. Also, if necessary, assistance can be provided with the provision of housing with all the amenities and wishes. Much depends on the vacancy you are applying for.

What are the most popular expatriates Makkah jobs?

Absolutely everyone will find a job that will be related to their professional skills or their own skills. Yes, today it is possible to easily find a job abroad in the following areas:

  • construction and repair;
  • collection of plant products;
  • care for people;
  • real estate cleaning;
  • ancillary work.

When choosing these offers, the client of the job search site receives favorable working conditions, as official employment takes place under the control of the company that provided the vacancy. The employer is guaranteed to fulfill its obligations, there will be no delays or reductions in wages.

What are the advantages and disadvantages in expatriates Makkah jobs?


The legal work abroad is completely safe. Discrimination on certain grounds and other manifestations of contempt are not allowed for workers. It does not matter what gender or religion a job seeker is, nor does confidential information about him or her be disclosed.
Makkah, as other cities in Saudi Arabia can be very strict, but if you will follow rules, there is nothing to be afraid of.

What is the salary in Makkah and what the cost of living?

Makkah job vacancy offers you about 17 thousands SAR per month. Salary ranges from 4,300 SAR to 76,000 SAR. Family of 3 or 4 people needs about 2,510 dollars per month, but one person requires 700 dollars in one month. Not too expensive right?

You no longer have to sit for years at a job that brings neither satisfaction nor money! Start earning much more and at the same time realize your full potential. All you need from a client of a job search site abroad is to apply for the site and choose the desired country and profession. The rest of the necessary formalities will be carried out by specialists. There is always work in Saudi Arabia Makkah, you just need to find it.