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Spain is a sunny country with great conditions of life. It is a pleasure to live and work here, besides, the salaries are much higher. Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia and many other cities need foreign staff. There you can find a legal job in Spain, regardless of education, skills and knowledge of the language.

What jobs are in demand in Spain?

There is work in this country for jobs in spain for indian. Job sites are constantly posting new vacancies in various fields. First of all, there is seasonal work in Spain under a contract for 1-3 months and permanent work for a period of at least 1 year. Enterprises give opportunity people with both education visa and qualification, as well as simple employees, even without knowledge of the language. Of course, skilled work is paid better, but in any case, you can get per week no less than 500-600 euros for part-time jobs in spain.

Temporary work in Spain is mainly in the summer. There are many fruit picking vacancies on the plantations open during the season. This option is suitable for both adult men and women, as well as for young girls and guys. Picking citrus fruits is considered unskilled labor, for which you do not need to know Spanish or have special skills. Of course, this is hard working, but it is paid no less then 2000 euros.

Also in Spain there are many job options for women: nanny, nurse or housekeeper. Candidates are only required to know a foreign language. Such work at home allows not only to get good money, but also to get to know life in this country better. Rather popular are hotel jobs in spain for indian.

Vacancies in the service sector are suitable for absolutely everyone - these are maids, waiters, salespeople and others. There is such work, both for the season and for a longer period. Also there are highest paying jobs in spain. In addition to unskilled labor, in Spain, specialists are always required on a permanent basis in the following areas:

  • IT;

  • mechanical engineering;

  • chemical industry;

  • Agriculture;

  • medicine.

It should be noted that work as a doctor in Spain, harvesting or any other work is impossible without a special visa. Companies do not hire illegal immigrants, because the fine for them is from 6,000 euros to 15,000 euros for jobs in spain for foreigners. The process of its registration can take from 10 days. There are numerous jobs in spain for english speakers.

What are the requirements for employers in Spain?

So, if you are seriously interested in getting a job in Spain, there are two basic schemes according to which you can obtain a residence and work permit: through a Spanish residence permit for work without a contract (doing business) or a Spanish residence permit for work under the contract. It must be admitted that in connection with the crisis, the statistics of obtaining permits for residence and work in Spain approached almost zero. The difficulty lies in the national situation on the labor market in Spain as a whole is taken into account. This is done so that you do not take away jobs from Spanish specialists, and citizens of Spain or the European Union cannot take your job under the proposed contract. The main thing when obtaining a work permit in Spain under a contract is that at the moment the situation on the labor market in Spain would allow such an external recruitment of you as a foreign specialist. It’s recommended to pay attention to jobs in spain with accommodation.

What is the cost of living in Spain?

Spain is an agricultural country and therefore not the richest among the EU countries. The average salary in Spain is near 1000 euros per month. Up to 2000 euros is good income. Millions of Spaniards live on that kind of money and do not complain.

Spain has relatively inexpensive housing rent, utilities, cheap gasoline and very cheap food. But at the same time, expensive housing, rather expensive services. The country has a well-developed lending system. And in order to buy a house, you do not have to have savings, you need a permanent job.

In addition to housing, the main expense of the Spaniards is food, clothing and transport. There are many cheap products in Spain - fish, seafood, various sausages, wine, cheeses, with the exception of elite varieties. In shops, it can be surprising when the cost of wine is lower than the cost of a sweet fruit drink. Bread is relatively expensive compared to other products. Life can be good even with part-time jobs in spain for international students.

What is the salary in Spain?

As for the minimum wage. it is changing every year. 5 years ago, the minimum wage was approximately 21 euros per day. Hourly worker earned on average about 5 euros for sixty minutes of labor. As for the average salary it is 1750 - 2250 euros.

How can I get a job in Spain?

Many do not know how to get a job in Spain and where to start looking. The process is pretty straightforward though. If you already have a resume, then you can proceed to the next steps:

Look for Spanish job sites. Choose, apply and send your resume. You should attach a cover letter to it, which should motivate you to hire you. Having a cover letter sets you apart from other candidates and doubles your chances of getting a job.

  • Have a Skype interview with your employer.

  • Conclude a contract with a company.

  • Apply for a visa to work.

  • You book flights and / or a hotel (if necessary).

It takes at least a month to be employed in Spain. To speed up the process and be sure of a successful result, it is better to immediately contact a specialist. There are numerous jobs in spain for indian freshers.