Speaker Jobs in Sweden

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    Join Appen Today! A global leader in speech and search technology services. When you work on our projects, you are helping to develop a responsible, unbiased AI. We are looking for contributors in Sweden who are Swedish speakers for an exciting work from home opportunity. Task Descript...
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How much do Speaker earn in Sweden?

The average Speaker salary in Sweden is 1500$ each month. Entry-level settings start at 1000$ monthly, while most experienced employees make up to 2000$ monthly.

What is the best Speaker jobs in Sweden

One of the most popular types of vacancies for Speaker in Sweden:
  • Remote Part Time Audio Transcription Project | Swedish Speaker

Are Speaker in demand in Sweden?

Working in Sweden as a Speaker is getting easier annually because of the growing number of jobs in the industry. If you're an experienced Speaker, it can be a lot easier to get your Sweden job license as well as discover a well-paying job.