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Switzerland today is one of the most  developed countries, which is known for its great conditions of life.

Many people are attracted to work in Switzerland in 2021 because of comfortable working conditions and full protection of each member of the country by government. The maon gact abput the country is that here are modtly welcomed qualified personnel. They must be able to benefit not only the employer profit, but to the coutry as a whole. And there are numerous jobs in switzerland for Indians.

What are the most popular jobs in Switzerland?

Switzerland permanently needs highly skilled workers. But education and specialization must be prooved. But foreign residents without work experience, qualifications or education can go to work for seasonal work in Switzerland. Seasonal work is provided to employees according to special programs with such opportunity and choose vacancy.

Foreign workers can work as farmer assistants. Employees are provided with housing and food. According to the terms of the program, the minimum travel period for seasonal work is 4 months, and the maximum is 18 months. Average salary from 900 to 2,000 euros, depending on the work performed and the schedule.

Salaried workers work on pig and poultry farms, look after cattle, work in greenhouses and in the fields.

The seasonal work program is paid. If a person intends to go for 4 months, then he will have to pay the company 500 euros, if he intends to find a job for a year, then the amount of the contribution is 1,200 euros. It should be noted that the company's first installment pays off in the first month. It is almost impossible to get a job on a farm on your own.

Only young people between the ages of 18 and 30 are recruited for seasonal work. Proficiency in English or German is a requirement.

Illegal  job opportunities in Switzerland are not very common. Employers do not hire foreign workers without a work permit due to high fines. If the employer hires a foreigner without documents to work, then he faces a fine. The most severe penalties apply to employers in the construction and agricultural industries.

If the state authorities identify an illegal employee, the employer will be prohibited from participating in the state tender and subsidies will be significantly reduced. The penalty for hiring an illegal to work for business may also be the imposition of a fine of up to 1 million euros. In some cases, illegal employment threatens the employer with criminal liability, namely it may include imprisonment for up to 5 years. An illegal employee will also face a fine.

How can I get a job in Switzerland?

The main requirement to all foreigners planning to get job vacancies in Switzerland is work permit and visa. Residence permit is also accepted. Such cases are the most common:

  • Redirection to the Swiss office of the company in which the foreigner works.

  • Obtaining an invitation from a Swiss employer.

  • It is advised to start preparing all documents 2-3 months before the planned date of departure.

  • All foreigners - citizens of countries that are not part of the Schengen Union, are required to apply for a visa or residence permit in Switzerland:

  • National visa (type D visa). For employment from 3 to 6 months.

  • Residence permit - for contracts of 6 months or more.

What is the salary in Switzerland?

In the kindergarten average teacher can get 4,900 francs. No big surprise, that such job is rather popular.

As for one more simple job, it's salesperson. In most cases the salary is 4,400 francs per month. As for the other countries all over the World, in most cases people get  the minimum wage for this job. Also hotel jobs in Switzerland are very attractive.

Can you work in Switzerland without knowing swiss?

There are numerous english speaking jobs in Switzerland. English may be sufficient to work for an international company. In other cases, depending on the region, skills in one of the official languages ​​of Switzerland will be required. In the east and in the central part it is German (Zurich, Basel, Bern), in the west - French (Geneva and Lausanne), in the south - Italian (Lugano, Bellinzona). Working in Switzerland without knowing the language is a daunting task. If only illegal employment and the willingness to take on the corresponding risks. Also you can get information about internship.

How to explain your qualifications to employers?

In the resume itself, it is worth indicating only the necessary and truthful information: a short but full CV will tell more about a person than 3 sheets with a detailed description of experience and knowledge.

When it comes to a cover letter, many people panic and just don't know what to write. It is worth dividing the work into parts:

  • Introduction and a short story about yourself.

  • Descriptions of work experience / projects / publications, etc.

  • An explanation of the motivation to work in a particular company and a conclusion.

Usually in the introduction it is worth writing briefly about yourself, your profession and current activities. It is worth pointing out the position for which the application is being applied and briefly write why the position is suitable.