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Thailand offers many professions and jobs for foreigners, it is a good country to travel here in search of vacancies, but it is not so easily, unfortunately.

There is a list of areas where employment is prohibited or restricted for foreign citizens. Unfortunately, it includes both not the most common and very attractive professions for foreigners wishing to work in Thailand.

All "forbidden" areas can be divided into several categories according to the reasons why the employment of foreigners in this area is prohibited:

Activities prohibited for special reasons.

  • work in the media (this includes print, radio, television);
  • work as an auctioneer in the sale of objects that are items of national cultural heritage, antiques;
  • any work related to the manufacture or production of Buddha images and objects of religious worship.

Activities prohibited due to the fact that the Kingdom of Thailand has a fairly high level of unemployment among the indigenous population. By prohibiting work in these areas, the government of the country gives its citizens the chance to be competitive workers without being forced out by foreigners.

First of all, this applies to manual work:

  • jewelry production;
  • work with silk, reed, bamboo;
  • production of tobacco products;
  • production of rice paper products;
  • making musical instruments related to traditional culture, Thai souvenir dolls.

Also, among the prohibited professions there are simpler and more specific specialties - both workers and in the field of intellectual labor:

  • builder
  • driver (with the exception of aviation workers employed by foreign companies);
  • accountant, auditor, cashier (with the exception of employees in joint companies);
  • beauty industry specialist (hairdresser, stylist, etc.);
  • seller, including in the field of street trading;
  • broker (excluding employees in international companies);
  • any specialist in the legal field;
  • design engineer, architect;
  • guide, tour guide;
  • Secretary.

The list of prohibited professions is wide. However, firstly, there are exceptions (in certain cases, for example, high qualifications of a specialist, work in an international company, etc., permission is given). Secondly, outside of these professions, there is more than one way to get a work in Thailand.

What are the most popular jobs in Thailand?

The most common jobs in Thailand are:

  1. Ticket sales and booking agent.
  2. Tour guide.      .
  3. Sales Manager.
  4. Tourism manager.
  5. Model.
  6. Translator.
  7. English teacher.
  8. Salesman.
  9. Freelancer (IT sphere).

How can I get a job in Thailand?

Those foreign citizens who want to legally work in Thailand, first of all, need to attend to obtaining a work visa and work permit.

A work visa (business visa) is a permit to stay in Thailand for specific purposes (labor activity). It is issued both at the consular offices of the Kingdom of Thailand located on the territory of other states, and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand.

A work permit is issued only if an appropriate visa is available. With regard to employment for hire, the application in this case is submitted by the employer, who, thus, confirms the fact of the official employment of a foreign citizen by drawing up an employment contract. All costs associated with obtaining a work permit are borne by the employer (however, in certain cases, they can be subsequently deducted from the employee's salary). The work permit must be renewed every year. When you change jobs, you will also have to obtain a new work permit.

How and where to look for work in Thailand?

However, you need to begin with searching job vacancies Thailand- we offer you website Layboard, which provides you with a lot of employers, countries and other important stuff.

By the way, you can look for a job in Thailand in several more ways:

  • international sites related to job search;
  • job search through friends or directly live.

What it's like to work in Thailand?

According to the Labor Protection Act, jobs in Thailand for foreigners  and jobs in Thailand for Indians have a 48-hour working week (6 days for 8 hours), and for hazardous occupations - 42. Every employee of the organization who has worked 5 hours in a row has the right to take a break of 1 hour.

The number of days off is determined by the employer and must be at least 1 day per week. Everyone has the right to go on paid vacation for at least 6 days a year. In addition, the state guarantees at least 14 days off a year, the right to pregnancy and sick leave.

Can you work in Thailand without knowing Thai?

Without knowledge of English and Thai, finding a job will be difficult. You need at least basic knowledge for employment in unskilled professions (cleaner, packer, handyman).

However, with English, you can get a job with English employers operating in Thailand, or in those specialties where constant communication with English-speaking clients is necessary.