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Jobs in Abu Dhabi


About Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It is the political, industrial, commercial and cultural center of the country. The population of the city is almost 1.5 million. The economic situation of Abu Dhabi is determined by the fact that the city is the administrative, financial and transport centre with a developed service sector and a significant public sector in the economy. Therefore, job hiring in Abu Dhabi is also relevant for foreigners, as the local population is not sufficient to provide the city with all necessary services. The main business life of the city - government agencies and the offices of large companies - is concentrated in the northern part of Abu Dhabi in a few neighborhoods adjacent to the beautiful promenade of the city. The Abu Dhabi authorities now have plans as ambitious as Dubai, including the construction of a subway and the development of the entire island of Saadiyat, located in the north-eastern part of the city, so that jobs in Abu Dhabi are now very much in demand by foreigners. As there are now more than enough vacancies in Abu Dhabi, and because of the number of manpower needed, employers can offer jobs in Abu Dhabi to anyone who wants them.

What are the features of working in Abu Dhabi for foreigners?


Abu Dhabi is a highly developed and rich city, popular with tourists and foreign workers. In most cases, employers offer jobs in Abu Dhabi in the service, entertainment, hotel and restaurant business or employment. Vacancies in Abu Dhabi are mainly for foreign workers, as there are many foreigners who work and live here. Job openings in Abu Dhabi are very profitable - all employers offer working conditions that will benefit both you and them. The peculiarity of part time work in Abu Dhabi - high temperature, though special discomfort for those who work here will not deliver - there are air-conditioners everywhere. Since there are many visitors, foreign residents and workers, if you know English, life and work in Abu Dhabi will not cause you discomfort. The new jobs in Abu Dhabi will help you to get to know the culture and people of one of the richest countries in the Persian Gulf, as well as to get to know people from other countries and their culture, as there are many foreigners working in Abu Dhabi.

What are the requirements for employers in Abu Dhabi?


All vacancies in Abu Dhabi have the same requirements for applicants as the rest of the world. Despite the fact that the countries of the region are different from the rest of the world, work in Abu Dhabi requires the same from the applicants: education in the right field, work experience from one to two years, and age of the applicant from 18 to 60 years. Similarly, each employer has its own requirements, which is discussed directly in the recruitment process. Also, for a foreigner who wants to have jobs in Abu Dhabi in 2021, knowledge of English is important, as it is the language that is most spoken here. Knowledge of Arabic is welcome, but not compulsory everywhere. The best jobs in Abu Dhabi have high standards, so if you meet the requirements, you should definitely try working in Abu Dhabi. 

What salary can I expect in Abu Dhabi?


Abu Dhabi is the biggest city in the United Arab Emirates, so the salaries here correspond to that status. If you have a job in Abu Dhabi you can count on very high pay for your work. Regardless of your specialization, you will receive a very good salary and favourable conditions for cooperation with the employer, which is a great advantage. The minimum wage in Abu Dhabi starts from $1,800 to $2,000 in part time jobs in Abu Dhabi in the service or service sector, and full-time jobs earn from $8,000.  It is also worth considering that in Abu Dhabi there are no taxes and you can get 100% of your salary. 

How and where to look for work in Abu Dhabi?


Jobs in Abu Dhabi are becoming more and more modern and the search is being made easier as the city grows and gets famous. You can find a job on the where the new job vacancies in Abu Dhabi available at the moment are placed, with the specified salary and terms of cooperation. On this site you can find any job that will match your skills and desires. You can also contact the employees, who are also listed on the site, and consult them on the job selection.

What are the most popular jobs in Abu Dhabi?


Work in Abu Dhabi in 2021 is as modern and safe as anywhere else in the world. high wages and mutually beneficial terms of cooperation. The most popular vacancies for jobs in Abu Dhabi are: barista, driver, builder, car mechanic, teacher, laboratory technician, engineer, nurse, driver, security, electrician, physiotherapist, doctor, economist and others. We need all the workers we can get. But in order to work in a high-paying job, one must meet the requirements of the employer and have the necessary education. 

What is the cost of living in Abu Dhabi?


As Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE, it is not the cheapest city to live in. Nevertheless, everything necessary to live in this city costs adequate money, and in combination with high wages you will not be very uncomfortable. Nevertheless, everything necessary to live in this city costs adequate money, and in combination with high wages you will not be very uncomfortable.