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What qualifications do I need to be an engineer in Abu Dhabi?

To be employed as an engineer in Abu Dhabi, you must possess the relevant industry qualifications. Generally this involves a degree in engineering and certifications related to the specific engineering field you are applying to.

I am an international student in Abu Dhabi, can I find an engineering job?

Yes, international students in Abu Dhabi can find engineering jobs. Generally, you will need to hold the relevant qualifications for the specific engineering field plus a valid visa.

Can I work as an engineer with a tourist visa in Abu Dhabi?

No, to work as an engineer in Abu Dhabi you must possess a valid working visa. Tourist visas are not sufficient for gaining employment.

Are there any specific engineering roles that are not open to foreign engineers?

Yes, some engineering roles are not open to foreign engineers. These roles typically involve the security or defence of a country, therefore those roles must be filled by citizens only.

Do I need a valid driver’s license to work as an engineer in Abu Dhabi?

No, a valid driver’s license is not mandatory for working as an engineer in Abu Dhabi. However, having a driver’s license can be beneficial when applying for certain roles.