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Rahul Sinha
It's not every day that you get to witness the birth of a new era in radio with one person being the driving force behind it. The new head of the radio station in Abu-Dhabi has brought a remarkable energy and enthusiasm to the station, taking it to a new level of innovation and success.
Balvir Singh
Abu-Dhabi is a fantastic place to be a meteorologist! The high-tech capabilities of the meteorological centre, and the accuracy of the forecasts are unmatched in my experience. Not only that, but Abu-Dhabi is an incredibly exciting place to live and work, with lots to do and beautiful sights and beaches. It's been a pleasure to work here as a Meteorologist.
Yasser Al-Hassan
My experience as a Meteorologist in Abu-Dhabi has been fantastic. The professionalism of the other meteorologists and the technology used to provide accurate forecasts and warnings has been extremely impressive. The city has a lot to offer and is a truly unique and beautiful place. Working here has been a great experience and I highly recommend it!
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What is the average salary of a Financial Analyst in Abu-Dhabi?

The average salary for a Financial Analyst is 1500$ each month in Abu-Dhabi, UAE Area. Salaries price quotes are based upon 12 submitted incomes.

What is maximum Financial Analyst salary in Abu-Dhabi

An individual functioning as a Financial Analyst in Abu-Dhabi typically makes around 1500$ monthly. Incomes range from 1000$ to 2000$. This is the average regular monthly salary, consisting of real estate, transportation, and various other benefits.

Is Financial Analyst a good career in Abu-Dhabi

Financial Analyst can gain you a good living also.

How difficult is it for indians to find a Financial Analyst job in Abu-Dhabi?

The problems that Indians encounter when looking for a Financial Analyst work in Abu-Dhabi are many. The procedure of obtaining a visa is usually difficult as well as expensive, as well as even after safeguarding one, finding a Financial Analyst work can be challenging. Language obstacles as well as cultural distinctions can likewise make it challenging for Indians to discover work in Abu-Dhabi. In addition, many companies like locals over immigrants. In spite of these difficulties, there are numerous Indians that have discovered success in discovering jobs in Abu-Dhabi.