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Chicago has recently become an increasingly popular city for the work of foreigners. The "Cultural Capital" USA is famous for its parks and skyscrapers. In addition, the city of skyscrapers has more than 3 million people and is considered multicultural. Plus to all this is the third largest city in the country. In addition, the "wind city" (informal name) is one of the most powerful economically developed US centers.

What are the Most Popular Jobs in Chicago for Indian?

Chicago jobs for Indians and Indians in Chicago are quite a lot and due to the fact that in Chicago more than 25% are immigrants, and could not. Competition in the labor market in Chicago is quite high. The unemployment rate in Chicago is 6%, but despite this fact, intussions work in a variety of spheres of the most popular among which are:

  • office workers
  • waiters
  • hospitality business
  • medical sphere
  • teachers
  • consultants
  • analysts
  • builders, etc.,

Indians, there is such a tendency to work illegally, but it gradually decreases due to illegals in Chicago as in general in the United States do not like. And many Inians use work from home jobs Chicago or remote jobs Chicago. Most Indian population works previously in areas where physical labor is needed.

How can І get a job in Сhicago?

As already mentioned in the United States, illegal workers do not enjoy and impose a variety of restrictions on them, it comes even to deportation. Therefore, as it is more profitable to arrange for legal work. But in order to legally settle down in Chicago you need to own a foreign language (preferably in English).  There are many job opportunities in Chicago for Indians.

After all, employers are quite skeptical about the employees of foreigners without language knowledge. Having a diploma gives you the advantage when foreigners get a jobs in Chicago. The most important thing for the foreigner's Robinin is to find a job who will help not only with the provision of work, but also with the receipt of a working visa. The most popular and most desirable is the so-called "green card" -document in the form of a card that allows you to work freely and travel to the United States. But obtaining a given visa may take from a few months to several years. Therefore, many of foreign workers prefer temporary working visas.

 Also, because there are now a lot of foreigners wanting to get a "green card" on them the corresponding annual quotas are installed. For example for temporary employees (Visa H1V) - the quota is 60 thousand, for skilled workers-70 thousand. Also, "green cards" are issued annually in an amount of no more than 150 thousand for foreign employees. But in the United States there are several types of visas to Example H 3 (issued for internship in US companies) or H2 A (for agricultural workers) or Visa P 1 (visa is issued to outstanding foreigners, entrepreneurs to participate in competitions or other events. Part time jobs Chicago lasts from three to five hours.

 Usually, this is short-term іn order to get a job with good payment to have a diploma of the American or European university. But to the example of the residents from the CIS countries will be forced to confirm the diploma of their country. As described above in Chicago there are many foreign companies that provide work. Here are some of them United Airlines, Boeing, Sears, Tribune Company and others.

What is the salary in Chicago?

A certain feature of work in Chicago is that there are many spheres of activity and there is no one in which Chicago's resident was involved. The minimum remuneration in Chicago is $ 12 per hour. Average salary in Chicago about $ 5,000. The most popular occupations and their salaries further in the list. And the most popular jobs hiring in Chicago.

  • Cashier ($ 25,000 / year)
  • Office workers (30000 / year)
  • Teachers (40-45,000 dollars / year)
  • Builders (from 30000 dollars / year)
  • Dentists (from 150,000 dollars / year)
  • Pilots (from 80000 dollars / year)

In Chicago, men are mostly operated by drivers or builders, and women or fitness trainers, or nurses.

Can you work in Сhicago without knowing English?

 As it was said above without English to find a job with high salaries will be extremely difficult. However, despite the fact that the illegal prince in the United States is prohibited, many foreign workers agree to work illegally for less salaries and in worse living conditions, for the most part it

  • maids
  • diverse
  • builders, etc.

What are the Requirements for Employers in Chicago?

Of course, employers have certain requirements for their employees first of course the existence of experience, the second is the availability of relevant qualifications and a diploma of higher education.

 Since foreign employees are needed in Chicago, third of it's teaching experience the ability to competitiveness skill. Of course, it concerns the requirements for foreigners who seek to receive a decent salary on a qualified work.