Nurse Jobs Abroad

  • 2600 $

    Saudi Arabia (Riyadh)

    Concerning Our Customer:Our client is an effective firm based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They are currently looking for a Nurse to join their group on a permanent basis.To be considered for this duty, prospects need to contend least 2 years of experience working in a comparable role. A valid Saudi Ara...
    Agency  Work corp
    Work corp


  • Urgent work in UAE

    Household staff
    Agency Flyper

    1400 $

    UAE (Dubai)

    We announce the search for employees for the vacancy!! for the position: Nurse. decent salary 1400$, without convictions, provide the necessary amount of work.Payouts salary from 3 to 7 day of the month, Comfortable conditions! Conditions:- officially hiring - premium - free transfer to UAE - emplo...
    Agency  Flyper


  • 1000 $

    UAE (Dubai)

    Need a worker for a job!! Work in the specialty Nurse. pay salary without delay. needed hardworking person, free consultation. Prizes and bonuses available!!! Payouts salary 1-2 times a month on hand,About the vacancy:- premium - with or without visa - free shuttle to work - employer help with acc...
    Agency  Avanta Works
    Avanta Works


  • 3000+ $

    Canada (Ottawa)

    Concerning Our Customer:Our customer is an effective company based in Ottawa, Canada. They are currently seeking a Nurse to join their group on a full time basis.To be thought about for this role, candidates have to contend least 2 years of experience working in a similar role. A valid Canada motori...
    Agency  India Abroad
    India Abroad



What is the average salary of a Nurse?

The average Nurse salary is 1450$ per month. Entry-level positions begin at 1000$ each month, while most skilled employees make up to 2200$ monthly.

How many jobs for Nurse on

Thinking about a Nurse profession? has 102 job posts for Nurse. Learn more about popular Nurse work like:

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