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The history of the city begins in 1820 with the formation of a camp for artisans and the military who built the Rideau Canal. In 1867, it officially became the capital of Canada. Today Ottawa is a center for the development of high technology and culture. Earlier, Algonquian tribes lived on the territory of the modern city. They were engaged in hunting and gathering, and also, as evidenced by many historical finds, trade with their neighbors. Today there are also a lot of job opportunities in Ottawa.

What are the most popular jobs in Ottawa?

Jobs in Canada Ottawa are the dream of many foreign job seekers. The median household income is 85,000 Canadian dollars. Basically, there are many employment opportunities Ottawa in the field of trade and services. There are over 70 large shopping centers here. The largest of these is the Rideau Center. The famous Byeward Market is located in the historical part of the capital. This place is named after the founder of the city, John Bye. There are many shops, cafes, trading floors here.

The largest employers in the city are the following organizations:

  • City Hospital;
  • University of Ottawa;
  • School administration of the city;
  • Transport company OC Transport;
  • Telecommunications equipment company Nortel Networks;
  • Loblaws supermarket chain and others.

Work for engineers is possible at the enterprises of such giants of the electronic industry as Corel, Cognos, JDS Uniphase, Nortel, Mitel. It is not for nothing that Ottawa is called the analogue of the American Silicon Valley.

How can I get a job in Ottawa?

To find a work in Ottawa you are looking for, you need to follow this procedure:

  1. updating the online resume on the Layboard,
  2. applying for as many vacancies posted as possible;
  3. obtaining "Canadian experience";
  4. attendance of professional presentations, conferences in order to get acquainted with key companies and trends in the industries of interest to me;
  5. You can also try the course "How to look for a job" in the immigrant service. The course must be waited for about 2 months.

Ottawa companies mainly require:

  • various IT specialists
  • sellers of everything.

To prepare a high-quality resume, reflect all the required qualification points, fill out all the questionnaires and check, call and write to the employer before sending and again after - this will take from 5 to 8 hours for a vacancy, that is, 1-2 applications per day.

What is the wages in Ottawa?

The maximum salary for full time jobs Ottawa is 15338.9 dollars, the average for jobs in Ottawa Ontario is 3917.74 dollars and finally the minimum is 1178.05 dollars.

What is the salary in Ottawa for foreigners?

Let us introduce you the list of the most popular jobs in Ottawa among foreigners and their wages:

  • Stylist, hairdresser, fitness trainer $ 1619.81
  • Services, maintenance, repair 1656.63 $
  • Medic 2098.4 $
  • Automotive industry 2116.8 $
  • Fundraising 2211.78 $
  • Public Relations $ 2290.56
  • Tourism, Catering 2319.28 $
  • Call center employee $ 2415.73
  • Ecologist $ 2429.72
  • Administration $ 2588.02
  • Advertising, graphic design $ 2699.94
  • Media, arts 2699.94 $
  • Science and Maintenance $ 2742.64
  • Consultant 2773.56 $
  • Electronics Sale 2899.47 $
  • Architect $ 3129.19
  • Accounting and Finance 3671.09 $
  • Marketing 3727.78 $
  • Construction, installation $ 4062.79
  • Information technology 4380.86 $
  • Sales Manager $ 4408.84
  • Engineer 4695.25 $
  • Pharmacist $ 4806.43
  • Export and import RUB 353049.65 4908.77 $
  • Publishing and Printing $ 4908.77
  • Executive power and management $ 5036.88
  • Security service, security, fire department 5092.84 $
  • Lawyer 5184.88 $
  • Telecommunications 5204.76 $
  • Training (education) 5276.91 $
  • Government $ 5338.02
  • Pilot, airline employee $ 5767.27
  • Business Analyst 9203.49 $