Jobs in Faroe-Islands Denmark

Part time specialist for manpower pooling

Factories - Manufacturing - Industry
Agency Bon businnes

1520 $

Denmark (Faroe-Islands)

part time we are looking for a decent specialist for manpower pooling Requirements: University Qualifications:bachelor degree in Factories - Manufacturing - Engineers or related in relevant discipline Previous experience: should have: 3 to 5 years’ experience in Language: knows basic English langua...
Agency  Bon businnes
Bon businnes


Vacancy in Faroe-Islands Denmark

Restaurants - Cafes - Hotels
Agency Work standard

1630 $

Denmark (Faroe-Islands)

Vacancy in Faroe-Islands Denmark no work experience part time on competitive wages start from per month 1630 USD a competitive salary energetic and hard working specialist to ensure stock rotation knows basic English language both in reading and speaking medical insurance transportation to and from ...
Agency  Work standard
Work standard


Recommended vacancies:

sales person from all places and cities

Marketing - Advertising - PR
Agency Aradbranding international

2500 $

Denmark (Greenland)

Arad Branding is a large international company that has 12 offices in different countries, including two offices in Chennai and Delhi, India, and soon new offices in China and Arab countries. Arad Branding Company operates in the field of exporting and supplying more than 400 products in all fields ...
Agency  Aradbranding international
Aradbranding international


Without experience
Without accommodation
Contract job
No English required jobs
For all

0.00 $

Denmark (Copenhagen)

We are looking for raters who are willing to do outbound calls to business establishments and who have a strong understanding and experience in labeling for our project! Project Purpose • To determine if a business is open or not. If open, then verify the business hours. Requirements ...
Agency  Appen

Direct employer

Without experience
Without accommodation
Contract job
English speaking jobs
For all

3000+ $


Free Visa and Flight ✈️ Ticket is Available... Company Name:DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Company.. Company is responsible for the Feeding and Accommodation allowance..For Only Serious Applicants Should Inbox The Hiring Manager on Whatsapp:+1(518)508-4956
Agency  DoubleTree By Hilton Hotel Company
DoubleTree By Hilton Hotel Company

Direct employer


Factories - Manufacturing - Industry

1600 $


Requirements: PASSPORT PASSPORT PHOTO SIZE CV Where to work? CANADA Conditions: Click on this link for direct message

Direct employer

Vacancy in Kolding Denmark

Warehouse - Logistics - Customs
Agency JobLeader

1130 $

Denmark (Kolding)

Vacancy in Kolding Denmark work experience up to 1 year 4 hours a day for a decent salary roughly speaking 1130 USD depends on experience a responsible employee for a regular job fluent English medical insurance transportation to and from work meals at the hotel
Agency  JobLeader


870 $


we are urgently hiring for a punctual candidate for work for a decent salary roughly speaking 870 $ depends on experience salary is paid at the end of each week Conditions: work experience up to 1 year fluent English full time we guarantee: meals at the hotel transportation to and from work medica...
Agency  Jing Hau
Jing Hau


Contract employee for manpower pooling

Construction - Renovation - Architecture
Agency Davidisa

2220 $

Denmark (Aalborg)

contract we are looking for honest employee for manpower pooling Requirements: University Qualifications:master degree in Construction - Renovation - Architecture or related in relevant discipline Previous experience: should have: 3 to 5 years’ experience in Language: knows basic English language bo...
Agency  Davidisa


3000+ $

Denmark (Copenhagen)

Marketer and negotiator, general representation of sales No experience is required and training is provided to you as a member of the team. If you're looking for flexible hours, unlimited earning possibility, and a supportive team, we'll be happy to welcome you to our ranks. Please ...
Agency  Personal


Without accommodation
Full time job
English speaking jobs
For all

3000+ $

Denmark (Herning)

Requirements : NONE Where to work? USA/CANADA PRINCESS CRUISE SHIP JOBS WhatsApp+12148986554

Direct employer

Experience required
With accommodation
Full time job
No English required jobs
With visa sponsorship
For all


Handymen - Working specialties
Agency Canada Fruit Produce

3000+ $


Requirements: Where to work? Conditions:
Agency  Canada Fruit Produce
Canada Fruit Produce


About job in Faroe-Islands

If you have already crossed the 40-year mark and you do not have a higher formation it is especially difficult to do this. And young hopeful specialists do not always manage to find a work and receive a decent wages. operating in Faroe-Islands looks completely different. Foreign employers are very interested in good mavens, both their own and those who came from other countries. The standard of subsistence and work in Faroe-Islands is so various from what can be found here that many are ripe, even for the sake of not very high salaries, to get about to work in Faroe-Islands and remain there so far possible.

Benefits of working in Faroe-Islands

a quantity of residents of the CIS countries are interested in working in Faroe-Islands. The tenants in this country are very interested in hiring workers from abroad for a variety of jobs, from highly expert workers to crop fitters.

If you have happily found awork in Faroe-Islands, then the succeeding chain of abilities opens up before you:

  • High level of wages, which can be 3, 4, 5 times higher than in your country. furthermore, a big dominance is the possibility to pull in a decent amount in a short time;
  • Many citizens believe of moving in Faroe-Islands for invariable, and going to work will give an opportunity to look around, test the waters and finally find out whether it makes sense to go away to live abroad;
  • The ability to get helpful acquaintanceship and communications, which in the future can serve as the foundation for leasehold a higher-paying job, and you will also have the opportunity to come back to the country as an invited visitor;
  • You can easily deploy for nationality in this country, if your proposes a career growth vista;
  • And of course, the ability to outbreak upcoming in a new direction for yourself, namely the learning of a new foreign language.

What does the level of salary depend on?

The desire to obtain a job in Faroe-Islands is anytime supported by a multiplicity of problems. And, of course, the main one is what are the pays in Faroe-Islands. After all, it relies on what your life will be like, what you can provide with the cash you get, whether there will be intentions for income increase and whether you will be sated}.

The size of revenue depends on several agents:
  • employee generation,
  • continuance of job,
  • advanced training,
  • sex,
  • region of lodging,
  • request for the work.

It is not occasional for a welder to earn more mechanic with higher education. In accordance with statistics from open sources, the normal money in Faroe-Islands 2021 varies within the range of $2000 - $5000 dollars.

How to apply for work in Faroe-Islands

There are several methods to detect a job in Faroe-Islands. They all have their own pluses and disadvantages.

  • You can begin seek a job abroad on your own by linking friends and acquaintanceship who have attempt of employment in Faroe-Islands and will be able to recommend how best to obtain a work abroad and where to look for offers.
  • A predominate way to retrieve a job overseas is via the Internet remotely from your city. This act is not rapid. You will need to transmit your CVs yourself to the HR departments of the companies you are interested in.
  • You can find work across the border by arriving in the country. To do this, while you go to employment companies and go through colloquy, you will need money for room and board.
  • Highly qualified mavens can obtain to work across the border, becoming workmen of a branch of an international company.
  • The easiest method that can be found in this condition is to dislocate the question of finding a work in another country to specialists - recruiters who act as mediators between the pretender and the employer. The most substantial thing here is to discover a veracious company.

How to submit a job offer in Faroe-Islands

The usual structure of the employment format is a CV, it is also a motivation letter, an autobiography and certificates. Your photograph is placed on the cover, the position for which you are applying, and contact niceties are specified. For works related to creativity, such as design or marketing, a creative format with more visualization is affordable. A copy of a diploma, attestations from previous jobs or practice, language certificates serve to affirm that you have told about yourself in your cover letter and CV. It is substantial to pick papers corresponding for the post.


What kind of job you can get in Faroe-Islands?

Job in Faroe-Islands can be obtained by anyone, oblivious of length of work and knowledge of foreign languages.

How to get work in Faroe-Islands without work experience?

In Faroe-Islands there is work for everyone, regardless of experience. At the moment in Faroe-Islands 3 vacancies that do not require work experience.

What is the average wage in Faroe-Islands

Wages and standard of living are higher in Faroe-Islands than in other cities. Now average salary is $3000.

Is it possible to get a job in a Faroe-Islands woman?

Sure, Faroe-Islands now more than 3 vacancies suitable for girls.

Most popular vacancies for women in Faroe-Islands:

  • Part time specialist for manpower pooling
  • We urgently required a decent
  • Vacancy in Faroe-Islands Denmark