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What are the features of working in Al Jahra for foreigners?

Since this city is in an Islamic state, life here is a little different from countries in Europe or Asia. But unlike work in those countries, workers are valued much more here, so wages in this country are higher than there, no matter what the job is. Finding jobs in Al Jahra is very easy - there are always many vacancies for foreigners with different requirements, experience and education, so you will have no problem with it. The main feature of the work in Al Jahrah is probably the warm climate, so the work here is perfect for those who like the warm sea climate. There are also a lot of foreigners in this city as well as in Kuwait, so if you speak English at a colloquial level, you can have no trouble communicating with the local population, which has no trouble communicating in English, because of its demographics.

What are the requirements for employers in Al Jahra?

In Al Jahra, the conditions and requirements for employees are the same as those for all employers - you have to have the necessary education in a particular field, you have a small working experience - from one year to the next, as well as a great desire to work hard. Part time jobs in Jahra Kuwait are no different from work in other countries, except a little hotter, and the terms of cooperation are much more profitable and enjoyable!

How and where to look for work in Al Jahra?

Today there are many offers and job openings in Al Jahra, you can see them on the website, where all currently relevant vacancies are provided, with the specified salary and terms of cooperation. All so that you can find the right job in Al Jahra with comfort. Also on this site staff contacts are provided so you can contact specialists and consult about the choice and place of work.

What are the most popular jobs in Al Jahra?

This city needs specialists in the fields of in service, hotels and restaurants in demand. It houses central government bodies, various ministries and agencies, diplomatic missions, head offices and units of national and foreign companies and banks. This shows that employment in Kuwait is not only for those who are specialists in the service sector or in the hotel and restaurant business, but also for those who are specialists in various governmental and economic fields, so finding jobs in Al-Jahra is very simple and accessible to everyone!

What is the cost of living in Al Jahra?

The cost of living in Kuwait is lower than in other, more expensive countries in this region. The cost of living in Kuwait is lower than, for example, in the USA. No taxes and cheap gasoline are important advantages that make Kuwait a very good city for work and life .And the wages of both professionals and ordinary workers are higher than in the nearest countries, where the high demand for jobs for emigrants has led to lower wages, which means that living and working in Al Jahra will be comfortable and uncompromising for you!