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I've been working in Kuwait for half a year now. I just got around to writing this review, because I wanted to feel everything from my own experience. I work in one of the best restaurants. Guys do not hesitate for a minute, if you feel that you want to try your hand in Kuwait you should take the opportunity to see a new country, new culture, and to communicate with successful, interesting people from around the world. Personally, I got to Kuwait with minimal knowledge of English, but if you are hard-working and motivated, no difficulties will prevent you from achieving your goals. Kuwait is very comfortable to live and work in. I recommend it!
It's a good country, but there are a lot of limits, attitudes, stereotypes. I can't accept the mentality of the country and left home. So for people who find it hard to leave home, I would not even recommend trying
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How much do Tractor driver earn in Kuwait?

The average Tractor driver salary in Kuwait is 1500$ per month. Entry-level positions begin at 1000$ each month, while the majority of skilled employees make up to 2000$ per month.

What is the best Tractor driver jobs in Kuwait

One of the most popular types of vacancies for Tractor driver in Kuwait:
  • AC Technician
  • AC Technician
  • AC Technician

Can I get a Tractor driver job in Kuwait without language skills or experience?

Yes. Lots of firms are open to hiring workers with minimal knowledge of the language. Naturally, companies prefer skilled workers. But some firms in Kuwait hire Tractor driver with no experience.