Maintenance specialist Jobs in New Zealand

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  • Electrical Technician

    Agriculture - Agribusiness - Forestry
    Agency Gas and oil  company

    3000+ £

    New Zealand

    Im working before in Saudi Arabia almost 15 years as s Driver Electrician
    Agency  Gas and oil  company
    Gas and oil company


    Experience required
    With accommodation
    Full time job
    No English required jobs
    With visa sponsorship
    For all


How much do Maintenance specialist earn in New Zealand?

The average Maintenance specialist salary in New Zealand is 1500$ each month. Entry-level placements begin at 1000$ each month, while a lot of experienced workers make up to 2000$ monthly.

What is the best Maintenance specialist jobs in New Zealand

One of the most popular types of vacancies for Maintenance specialist in New Zealand:

    Are Maintenance specialist in demand in New Zealand?

    Working in New Zealand as a Maintenance specialist is obtaining easier yearly as a result of the growing variety of jobs in the industry. If you're a skilled Maintenance specialist, it can be much easier to get your New Zealand job permit and also locate a well-paying work.