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Singapore is a series of virtues: the cleanest, the safest, the most developed, the most modern. Strong infrastructure, high standard of living and income, tropical climate, grandiose architecture and futuristic views.

What are the features of work in Singapore?

Singapore is recognized as one of the most coveted places of residence for immigrants. It is the safest and most comfortable state in Asia and one of the most comfortable places to live in the world.

The work is provided in various fields, mainly restaurants. The main requirement is good English proficiency, and profile work experience is also desirable. In addition, any vacancy requires a higher or specialized secondary education. under the terms of issuing work permits, the invited workers must have a diploma.

To go to work in Singapore, you must meet the following criteria:

  • age from 18 to 35 years old (candidates and older are considered for some positions);
  • good command of English;
  • experience in the field of restaurant and hotel business, service and tourism;
  • girls are accepted for most vacancies;
  • higher or secondary specialized education.

How and where to look for job vacancy in Singapore?

The best site for you to meet jobs in Singapore and to open your thoughts to get it is Layboard. We can help you with the choice of earnings in Singapore by providing you with a lot of information and answers. Singapore job hiring happens after you have decided on the job vacancy in the Singapore and then you contact the employer who previously reviewed your resume. He is ready to give you an answer, provides you with everything you need and congratulations, you are arriving to your new place of work!

For a successful job search, it is important to assess your competitive advantages and be patient. In most cases, English proficiency should be at a high level, even in unskilled labor. Working in Singapore without knowing the language is mostly illegal employment at your own peril and risk.

What are the most popular job vacancies in Singapore?

Initially, a work permit in Singapore is issued for up to one year with the option of renewal. For some types of vacancies, with the exception of highly qualified specialists, special quotas are provided. Usually, a company cannot employ more than 20% of employees from abroad, and quotas are also provided for certain sectors of the economy.

Singapore job vacancy 2021 available in IT, tourism, hotel and restaurant business, medical professionals, pharmacists, engineers, builders, financiers, bankers, maritime professionals and some other workers are required.

There are a lot of companies such as Total Oil and Gas Company which are ready to hire you on different vacant positions.

What is the average salary in Singapore work?

The average salary in Singapore in 2021 is about $ 4,000 per month. There is no official minimum wage in the country, everything is prescribed individually in labor contracts. Foreigners may well count on 2-3 thousand dollars and more, depending on the profession. To be fair, it must be said that the daily costs in Singapore are very high.