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A few words about Turkey

Working in another country is always a good opportunity to get acquainted with other people and culture, and to learn how to live in different parts of the world. Turkey, for example, is a very interesting and colorful country with its own characteristics and culture. This country is very popular with tourists from all over the world, as well as with its fabrics, which are exported to all parts of the world. It is a very peculiar and interesting country not only for tourists but also for those who would like to try to work in another country.

Turkey has a rich history and is also washed by the waters of the four seas, and in your spare time you will be able to enjoy them, as well as historical memorials from the Ottoman times. The climate here is warm enough, but not too warm. It’s never too hot or too cold - it’s just good here. The local population is also good with foreigners, who are always numerous.

What are the most popular jobs in Turkey?

Seasonal work in tourism and hotel services occupies most of the job vacancies in Turkey. And yet, it’s not that often, but it also opens up access to serious vacancies. Plus, Turkey is a big place for business. Of course, work in Turkey is available not only in the service, entertainment and hotel and restaurant business, but also in other areas, but the most popular job vacancies of Turkey are in these areas. The most common are jobs for welders, electricians and waiters. The report of the Turkish Institute of Statistics attests to this and recalls the information from the Turkish Employment Centre. Foreign language teachers and call center staff are also constantly required. The overall shortage of human resources in Turkey extends to almost 270,000 jobs, covering a wide range of occupations. However, the number of jobs in Turkey has increased. 

Here is a list of the most popular vacancies in Turkey:

  • teacher
  • doctor
  • engineer
  • programmer
  • electrician
  • welder
  • waiter
  • barista
  • driver
  • tokar
  • furniture maker,
  • sewing machine operators
  • salesman...

...and many others. In Turkey there is a strong shortage of employees in all spheres, so jobs in turkey for Indian freshers and already experienced employees are quite easy to find. Most of Turkey job vacancy for Indians offer advantageous terms of cooperation, with the possibility of providing a place of residence while working as well as transportation to and from work. It depends, of course, on each vacancy, and each employer works on its own terms.

What is the salary in Turkey?

The average salary in Turkey is 2900 TRY (Turkish lira, local currency). At the rate of the currency market, it is about $430 for a month’s work, which is a very good wage at the world level. On average, mechanics, electricians and welders are paid between $558 and 646. The salary of a teacher qualified for higher education is $861-1099. About the same monthly salary of programmers, engineers, and doctors - such people in Turkey are needed with mandatory knowledge of English, higher education and work experience. But in some places, the employer is willing to give the employee his first experience in the right field.

Payments for low-skilled jobs are significantly lower. The minimum wage is set at $238. Office clerks get just a little more than that. $258-301. About the same salary level is paid to sewers, spinners in Turkish factories, catering to staff in hotels and offices. The lowest earner of leather workers is 237.

Can you work in Turkey without knowing Turkish?

Yes. Knowledge of the Turkish language is not compulsory everywhere. At a minimum, foreigners relying on high-paying skilled labour must have a good command of English. Knowledge of the Turkish language will only strengthen the position, allow you to work more productively, in terms of career and salary. On the other hand, if it is a low-skilled job, the ability to communicate in English or Turkish is of little use. Animators, dancers and staff members may be accepted for temporary work without language. Education and work experience are mostly also required in high-paying jobs. Working in Turkey is easy enough, and if you have the desire and the opportunity - you should definitely try it!