Front Desk Receptionist Jobs in Dubai

  • Receptionist

    Restaurants - Cafes - Hotels
    Agency Flip retail

    2900 AED

    UAE (Dubai)

    Job Information Market Automotive. City Dubai. State/Province Dubai. Country United Arab Emirates. Zip/Postal Code 337-1500. Job Description Answer the phone, screen & amp record calls Overview customers to the ideal person or division Remove as well as onward messages Welcome visitors and also c...
    Agency  Flip retail
    Flip retail


What qualifications are required for a Front Desk Receptionist position in Dubai?

A general high school education or equivalent industry qualification is preferred, but not mandatory. Fluency in both English and Arabic is a necessity, and additional foreign languages may also be required.

What are the duties of a Front Desk Receptionist?

A Front Desk Receptionist acts as the first point of contact for guests and visitors and therefore plays a vital role in their experience of the company or organization. Duties include greeting visitors, managing incoming calls, offering administrative support, and maintaining all relevant records.

Is experience necessary for a job as a Front Desk Receptionist in Dubai?

Experience is preferred but not always required. Employers may give preference to candidates who demonstrate excellent customer service skills, have strong written and verbal communication abilities, and are computer literate.

What kind of working hours are common for a Front Desk Receptionist in Dubai?

Working hours can vary depending on the organization, but typically begin around 8:00am and end at 5:00pm. Some positions may require working during evenings or weekends.

Are there any special requirements for foreigners working as Front Desk Receptionists in Dubai?

In order to work in Dubai, foreign citizens must first obtain a valid visa, which may be issued for a range of different purposes. Depending on the visa status, some employers may also require additional documentation such as proof of residency.