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Jebel Ali is a port town that can help you get a job. If you think that there is no work in Jebel Ali and you are sure you won't probably get it, let us dispel your doubts.

What are the most popular Jebel Ali job vacancies?

  • Plumber;
  • Locksmith;
  • Welder;
  • Taxi driver;
  • Hostess;
  • Handyman;
  • Watchman;
  • Cook;
  • Security guard;
  • Builder.

Anyone can get a job here, regardless of whether a person has experience, education, and sometimes even knowledge of the language is not necessary (except that basic English)

What is the salary in Jebel Ali?

Jobs in Jebel Ali Dubai offer you different working schedules and weekends, so the wages will depend on these factors. The average salary of Jebel Ali vacancies is 17, 840 AED per month. As an example, an Engineer earns 8, 000 AED, Marketing Executive about 9, 000 AED and Senior Quantity Surveyor gets 24,000 AED! 

How can I get jobs in Jebel Ali? will help you not only in a convenient job search, but also in hiring, because through us you can directly contact the employer and get acquainted with all the questions that interest you. Jebel job hiring is the beginning of the relationship between employer and employee. An employment contract is an agreement between an employee and an employer under which the employee undertakes to perform the work specified in this agreement, to comply with internal labor regulations, and the employer undertakes to pay the employee wages and provide working conditions necessary for the work provided. labor legislation, collective agreement and agreement of the parties. Prior to starting work under the concluded employment contract, the employer is obliged to inform the employee under signature about working conditions, the presence of dangerous and harmful production factors at the workplace where he will work, and the possible consequences of their impact on health, his right to benefits and compensation for work in such conditions in accordance with applicable law and the collective agreement.

Let us add some pieces of advice for you about choosing the vacancies.

In order not to regret the choice then think about everything for a while.

Emphasize the extent to which each of the companies or employers allows you to implement your long-term plans and goals. Ask yourself: 

  • Which vacancy best fits my career goals?
  • Which one gives more opportunities for growth and improvement?
  • What factors and characteristics are most important to me?

This will make it easier to choose a job that will be another step in your career. Layboard wishes you good luck in finding the right job in Jebel Ali!