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Regional Business Development Manager
Restaurants - Cafes - Hotels
Agency Flip retail

2100 $


岗位职责: 根据业务规划,带领团队负责区域内特斯拉超级充电站的选址和落地,持续开拓超级充电网络并确保网络的高效运营,包括但不限于: 跟踪所负责区域的最新政策、市场情况,收集商场、酒店、园区等场景业态对公共充电合作的需求,持续获取有效的项目信息 开发符合条件的物业资源,主导与业主的商务谈判,达成超级充电站合作 协调业主,协同施工安装,服务团队,按项目预期节点,完成超级充电站的建设开放 维护业主关系,为站点运营提供协调与支持,跟踪站点运营情况,确保站点高效运营 岗位要求: 本科及以上学历,有志于在充电、新能源汽车领域持续发展,有强烈的个人和他人成就动机 10年以上B端客户开拓、销售...
Agency  Flip retail
Flip retail


Product Speicialist, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Tesla Center
Restaurants - Cafes - Hotels
Agency Flip retail

2100 $

China (Hangzhou)

主要职责 l 保证最佳客户体验:接待所有进店客人,回答问题,热情地为客户和特斯拉粉丝介绍电动汽车的优点,普及电动车知识。 l 通过良好的沟通,帮助特斯拉爱好者及未来车主更好地了解公司动态,明确特斯拉的发展前景并鼓励顾客试驾,并通过良好的试驾体验使潜在客户向亲朋好友宣传特斯拉。 l 收集潜在客户,参加市场活动,探索客户购买需求、激发客户需求,配合销售主管完成门店的销售目标。 l 对现有特斯拉车主提供高质量客户服务。 l 沟通最新公司讯息,帮助特斯拉爱好者及未来车主更好地了解公司动态。 l 认真学习了解公司及产品的相关知识,及时了解最新行业发展和最佳实践。 l 建立良好的客户关系,并...
Agency  Flip retail
Flip retail


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About job in China

If you have already crossed the 40-year mark and you do not have a higher formation it is especially hard to do this. And adolescent budding mavens do not always manage to find a work and get a decent payment. operating in China looks completely different. Foreign hirers are very interested in good experts, both their own and those who came from other nations. The norm of living and work in China is so various from what can be found here that many are ready, even for the sake of not very high pay, to go to work in China and keep there so far probable

Benefits of working in China

Many residents of the CIS countries are interested in labor in China. The hirers in this country are very interested in hiring workmen from abroad for a variety of jobs, from highly expert proficients to gather pickers.

If you have successfully detected a job in China, then the succeeding chain of opportunities opens up before you:

  • Maximum grade of wages, which can be 3, 4, 5 times higher than in your country. Also addition, a big excellence is the opportunity to pull in a decent percentage in a short time;
  • Many citizens believe of moving in China for permanent residence, and going to work will give an opportunity to look around, test the waters and finally find out whether it makes sense to move to live abroad;
  • The possibility to get utility acquaintances and communications, which in the future can serve as the foundation for employment a higher-paying work, and you will also have the opportunity to revert to the country as an invited visitor;
  • The possibility of recipiency citizenship in China. If your submits a career growth perspective, you can easily for citizenship in this country | You can readily practice for nationality in this country, if your post suggests} a career growth vista;
  • And certainly, the opportunity to onset upcoming in a new course for yourself, namely the scrutiny/contemplation of a new foreign language.

What does the level of salary depend on?

The ambition to get a job in China is always maintained by a plenty of problems. And, of course, the main one is what are the pays in China. After all, it depends on what your life will be like, what you can provide with the cash you receive, whether there will be prospects for profit increase and whether you will be satisfied}.

The size of income hinges on several factors:
  • employee formation,
  • continuance of service,
  • advanced preparation,
  • gender,
  • region of residence,
  • request for the profession.

It is not infrequent for a welder to gain more mechanic with higher education. Based on with statistics from open sources, the average cash in China 2021 varies within the range of $2000 - $5000 dollars.

How to apply for work in China

There are several ways to detect a job in China. They all have their own pros and minuses.

  • You can start search a work abroad on your own by tying friends and acquaintanceship who have experience of employment in China and will be able to recommend how best to receive a job abroad and where to look for offers.
  • A common way to discover a work abroad is via the Internet remotely from your city. This operation is not rapid. You will need to transmit your CVs yourself to the HR departments of the companies you are interested in.
  • You can retrieve work abroad by arriving in the country. To do this, while you go to recruiting companies and undergo colloquy, you will need currency for room and board.
  • Highly qualified experts can receive to work across the border, becoming tenants of a branch of an international agency.
  • The most convenient technique that can be found in this condition is to dislocate the question of finding a job abroad to mavens - recruiters who act as mediators between the applicant and the employer. The most momentous thing here is to find a veracious company.

How to submit a job offer in China

The conventional frame of the application format is a cover letter, it is also a motivation letter, an autobiography and evidence. Your photo is placed on the cover, the position for which you are applying, and contact niceties are indicated. For works related to creativity, such as web-design or marketing, a creative format with more visualization is admissible. A copy of a diploma, attestations from antecedent works or practice, language certificates serve to affirm that you have told about yourself in your cover letter and CV. It is important to pick documents corresponding for the post.


What job the most in demand in China?

Every year work abroad is gaining popularity. In China work in directions:

  • Handymen - Working specialties - Home staff
  • Other
  • Construction - Renovation - Architecture
  • Restaurants - Cafes - Hotels
  • Drivers - Administrative staff - Couriers

What kind of job you can get in China?

Job in China can be obtained by everyone, oblivious of length of work and knowledge of foreign languages.

What is the average salary in China

Wages and well-being are higher in China than in other cities. Now average wage is $3000.

Is it possible get employment in China without work experience?

In China there is work for everyone, regardless of experience. Now in China 41 vacancies that do not require work experience.