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Freed from British influence about half a century ago, the Republic of Malta became a fully independent country. Today, this island state with the most comfortable climate and weather, located in the Mediterranean Sea near Italy, is very popular with tourists from all over the world, not only for travel and recreation, but also for searching for jobs in Malta. Malta jobs for Indian, jobs in Malta hotels and Malta job vacancy for Indian can be found here.

What are the most popular jobs in Malta?

Working in Malta for foreigners this year is mainly related to the tourism and service industries, sometimes there are vacancies in the IT field and financial sector. The population of the country is only about 442.2 thousand people, the unemployment rate is quite low - up to 5%.

In 2021, Maltese job seekers need mainly professional workers in high-tech professions, financial and economic industry.

Malta job vacancy can be found among these branches:

  • Technologies (programmers, system administrators);
  • Economics and finance (bank workers, accountants);
  • Scope of trade;
  • Advertising and marketing (PR-agents, marketers);
  • Pharmaceuticals (specialist in the field of medicine and chemistry);
  • Shipbuilding (site chiefs, engineers);
  • Management (different heads and managers of departments).

What are the requirements for employers in Malta?

All foreign workers in Malta are issued a work permit, so it allows you to document your activities, to recognize your actions on the territory of the state.

For official employment, you must go through the following sequence of actions: Search for a job;  The register of an employment agreement with an employer;  Employer will pass a test in the local labor mart;  Obtaining a work permit;  Registration of a work visa;  Arrival in Malta;  The beginning of labor activity.  During the testing, the employer is obliged to prove to the State Employment Center that among the residents of Malta there were no suitable or interested in the vacancy presented to them.  Types of work permits Malta has adopted a unified model of work permits in the form of a plastic card - it is issued for 12-36 months to everyone who wants to work for a local employer in any one area.  The permit can be renewed subject to compliance with all rules and laws of the state.  In the application, it is necessary to prove the presence of high qualifications, interest in this place of work, as well as past experience in this field.  If you decide to change the field of activity and employer, the permit must be obtained again.

Registration of a work visa.

The decision to issue a work visa is made on the basis of the issued work permit, a copy of which is sent to the consulate of Malta in the state of which the applicant is a citizen.  A work visa is issued for a period corresponding to the duration of the employment agreement between the employer and the employee.

No matter is it Malta cleaner job or unskilled jobs in Malta you should follow this information and even in other Malta jobs website.

What salary can I expect in Malta?

The average salary in Malta in 2021 is € 1,625 per month before taxes. Among the states of Europe, this indicator is comparable, for example, with Portugal or Greece and slightly less than in Slovenia. Unfortunately, it is quite problematic for foreigners to find a well-paying job in this country, first of all, this is due to the shortage of such vacancies and competition with the Maltese. The minimum wage in Malta, depending on age, is (euros per week):

  • under 17 years old - 171.46;
  • 17 years old - 174.30;
  • 18 years and older - 181.08.

What is the cost of living in Malta?

On average, a liter of milk costs 86 cents. One and a half liters of drinking water - 72 cents. Egg packing costs 2 euros 17 cents. A pound of bread - 90 cents. A kilogram of Maltese cheese - 8-10 euros. A kilogram of chicken breast costs 6.39 euros, legs - 4.08 euros. The cost of one kilogram of beef, depending on the part, is 10-15 euros. Rice - 1.76. Apples - 2.12, bananas - 1.58, oranges - 2.06. One kilogram of potatoes costs 1.14 euros, tomatoes - 2.18, onions - 1.29 euros. In Maltese cafes, the price of a serving is about 10-15 euros.

Modern buses equipped with air conditioning and Wi-Fi run around the country. The fare is different. In summer you will have to pay 2 euros for a ticket, in winter - 1.5, at night - 3. The ticket is valid for two hours. A daily pass costs around € 2.60. Weekly - 12. A monthly pass can be bought for 26 euros.

Tourists and residents of the country pay for their travel at different rates. The latter use an ID card, which significantly reduces travel rates. You can travel between the islands of the Maltese archipelago by ferry. From Malta to Gozo you can sail for 4.6 euros, to Camino - for € 5.

Renting a one-bedroom apartment per month will cost 550-600 euros. Higher class real estate in a modern complex can be rented for 1000 euros per month.

How to get for jobs in Malta?

To increase the chances of success in self-searching for a job for foreigners in Malta in 2021, it is best to visit the country on a tourist visa and try to contact the employer directly. Perhaps it will be possible to make the necessary acquaintances and decide on the spot about further employment. Friends or relatives who already work in Malta or have similar experience can provide significant assistance.

Of course, in order to qualify for a prestigious and high-paying job, you must have a good level of English, and skills in Maltese or Italian may also be required. Qualifications, experience and skills are all important prerequisites for employment. A diploma from a British or Italian university is also a big plus.

In general, working in Malta without intermediaries means searching for a job on the Internet using the maximum possible sources of information. Start with our Layboard website and take into account Malta job portal.