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Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia


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Jobs in Medina

Medina is the second holy city in the world (after Mecca) revered by Muslims. Initially, the city had the name Yastrib, but after the appearance of the Prophet Muhammad in this area, the name of Al-Madina-Al-Nabi was firmly entrenched in the village. This name gave the current abbreviated name to the city - Medina. True, the Arabs prefer to call this place the Shining City.  Today Medina is a fairly modern city with a population of over 1 million. This is one of the most important cities in Islam. It is visited by millions of Muslim pilgrims to see the shrines of the Muslim world with their own eyes. But Medina also lures people from all over the world to look for work. This city really has many jobs to offer.

What are the features of working in Medina?

Jobs in Medina will give an opportunity to appreciate the richness of the unique nature, which looks fabulous in the heart of the desert. Magnificent palm groves surround the holy city. Unique Muslim mosques are the main attractions of the city. The Prophet's Mosque, as the most important ancient building, strikes with its majestic splendor and huge area. A large and modern airport accepts planes of various world airlines, the railway connects the city with Mecca, and the city is dominated by buses and taxis.

A quarter of the proven oil fields on earth are located in Saudi Arabia, its huge reserves and modern processing industry require highly qualified specialists.
There is always work for an economist who can perform the function of a professional analyst, is distinguished by high business qualities, good education and knowledge of languages. The strictest laws ensured the safety of the city, and today Medina is one of the safest cities in the world. Strict requirements are imposed on the appearance.

How to find job in Medina?

Following our advice, you will definitely get your dream job. Medina jobs hiring includes drawing up a resume. It must be composed very competently and uniquely, but at the same time it is necessary to indicate all the available skills and experience. You need to constantly develop in a professional direction. In other words, you should always be aware of the latest news, read more professional literature, communicate with colleagues. But besides this, you can master any foreign language so that there are more job opportunities.

There is a list of jobs Medina oh:
-          Revenue officer,
-          Office secretary,
-          Receptionist,
-          Store team member.

What is the salary of such jobs in Medina? 

Well, according to our calculationsб the revenue officer earns 44 thousand dollars in a year, secretary – about 25 thousand dollars per year, receptionist can get 24 thousand dollars in a year too and store team member earns about 17 – 20 thousand dollars. As you can see, Medina pays you good sums for your work.

What is the cost of living in this city?

 If you are single, you will need about 780 dollars without rent, but if you have a family a living cost will be about two thousand dollars.
You don’t need to look for work in a place you don’t want to work to. Think it over, and arrive to Medina to see how beautiful and friendly this city!