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Everyone knows Australia as a country where kangaroos jump and koalas sit on trees and eat eucalyptus. But in fact, Australia is a much more interesting country, with many interesting places and opportunities. Besides the possibility to come to Australia as a tourist and see many interesting things, everyone has the opportunity to come to work in Australia. Jobs in Australia for Indians are available in a variety of areas and are available to all regardless of education and work experience. Every job vacancy in Australia is designed for hard-working and hard-working people who are ready to work and are ready to explore the world.

What are the most popular jobs in Australia?

There are plenty of popular vacancies available for almost every job in Australia. In fact, the list of trades in demand is about a hundred, and if you have one of those trades, your chances of getting a job in Australia are much better. Mainly among the required professions are engineers, workers of different industries, and economists. The list of most popular and available vacancies in Australia can be found on the Immigration Department’s website. Employment in Australia is open to both women and men - increasingly in a democratic way, and conditions will be the same. Here is an indicative list of available jobs in Australia for Indian freshers and already experienced employees:

  • Waiter

  • Mechanic

  • Engineer

  • Translator

  • Manager

  • Seller

  • Janitor

  • Loader

  • Accountant

  • Economist

  • Financier

  • Laborer

  • Locksmith

  • Graphic designer

  • Trader

  • Photographer

  • Technologist

  • IT specialist

  • Hostess

  • Barista

  • Bartender

There are indeed many vacancies in Australia, and almost everyone will be able to find the job that he or she would like to work in. This list of vacancies is not very precise, but these vacancies are among the most popular, which means that vacancies in Australia for foreigners roughly correspond to this list.    

What are the requirements for employers in Australia?

Employment in Australia must meet employer requirements. The most common and common requirements are: sufficient knowledge of English to live and work in Australia, education if necessary for a job you choose, and work experience. Working visa Australia is necessary for safe and legal employment. There are only two types of visa: if you are going to Australia on a general program, you are applying for a 189 visa, and if you are going to a certain state program, a 190 visa. In order for you to receive an Australian work visa for Indians, your prospective employer must first obtain a sponsorship permit from the Immigration Department, nominate you for a specific position, and then apply for a visa. In this way, you will receive a visa to work in Australia, which will give you the opportunity to get a legal and safe job in Australia. 

What is the salary in Australia?

Wages in Australia are among the highest in the world. The minimum wage in Australia in 2021 is approximately Australian $20 per hour or Australian $772 per week (38 hours), equivalent to US$15 and US$565, respectively. Professionals, who are students or interns receive a minimum wage in Australia of A$298 - A$746 per week. For some categories of workers, there are reduced rates calculated as a percentage of the minimum wage, depending on age. These salaries are mainly paid to employees on part time jobs in Australia. But it is worth noting that Australia’s minimum wage rate is higher than that of developed countries such as the US, Germany, the UK, France, and Canada, making Australia a very good and profitable place to work. And with huge job opportunities in Australia working here you can get enough money to support yourself and save money for the future.

What is the cost of living in Australia?

The cost of living in Australia is comparatively low and compared well with any salary. Even with the minimum wage in Australia, you will be able to provide a comfortable living environment. Food is cheap enough, and anyone can afford it. Housing also costs an adequate amount of money, but about half your weekly budget will be spent on rental housing. The cost of living can vary greatly from city to city. For example, Sydney’s rent is 40% higher than Melbourne’s and 63% higher than Brisbane’s. 

How to get jobs in Australia from India?

Anywhere in the world, you can seek jobs in Australia on the Layboard site, where you can find the most recent and legitimate vacancies in Australia. Finding a job there is just like choosing your clothes at an online store. Job opportunities in Australia are worth all the effort you will make to find a job in Australia. Although this site allows you to quickly find the kind of work you want, and at the same time spend much less time than if you were just looking for a job on the Internet, if you use it, you will save enough time and quickly find what you dreamed of. Good luck finding it!