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Competition in the UK job market is daunting. Many people from all over the world come here hoping for a better life and are looking for work, mainly in London. Therefore, it is quite problematic to find free vacancies there. Fortunately, London is not the only place to find a job in the UK. There are many other options and Belfast is one such option. Belfast job opportunities are very versatile and allow people with completely different educational backgrounds to work here. This is a rather large city with more than half a million inhabitants, which specializes in mechanical engineering, especially in large shipbuilding, light industry, and many other things that are less known. There are more chances of getting a job here than in large, densely populated cities, since much less people know about it than about London. Accordingly, the flow of newcomers is much less, and those who do come to work are more likely to get it. With all this, Belfast in terms of development corresponds to the level of a large city in a developed country, so you will not lose practically anything if you choose to work in Belfast.

What are the most popular jobs in Belfast for Indians?

Despite the fact that there are many jobs in different fields, the most popular are part time jobs in Belfast, since they are quite easy to get. For such work, foreigners mainly come to get jobs in Belfast, and in other cities of the UK, because their salaries are relatively high, and the working conditions are easier than for a full-time job in Belfast. The most popular jobs are manual jobs such as packer, vegetable or fruit picker, construction worker or construction assistant, as well as warehouse jobs in Belfast. It is not difficult to get a job in all these positions, and the requirements are minimal, but I will tell you which ones later. There are also many full time jobs in Belfast available, but getting a job there is more difficult and there are more requirements for the employee.

What are the requirements for employers in Belfast?

The requirements for workers in Belfast are the same as in all highly developed countries. And despite the fact that, in fact, they are so highly developed, the requirements for foreign workers are not very strict here, and are almost the same as for local workers.

  • Obviously the most important requirement for all workers is a visa to work in Britain. This document is intended for absolutely all skilled workers who come to the UK for the purpose of employment. Visa applicants will need to receive an offer of cooperation from a UK employer who holds a valid sponsorship license. Without it, you cannot legally get a job in Belfast. And illegal employment threatens with huge fines, the payment of which will take all the money earned, if not more, and in addition to all this, you may be banned from entering the country. Therefore, it is best to always work legally, even if you need to arrange paperwork for this. So you will be protected by law, and the employer will not be able to violate your rights, which cannot be said about illegal employment.

  • Knowledge of English is also a very important requirement. Without this, finding a job abroad, not only in Belfast, is very problematic and almost impossible. To work in any field, you need knowledge of English, as you will definitely communicate with different people - other workers, local residents and employers. And since this is an English-speaking country, if you already know English, you can improve your level of proficiency in it.

You will also need work experience in the field in which you will be working. This requirement does not apply to all employers, as some of them easily hire people with no work experience. Most often these are part time jobs in Belfast, since no special skills and qualifications are needed there, so this job is available to almost everyone.

Can you work in Belfast without a diploma?

Of course you can. The diploma is only needed for full-time jobs in international companies. For the rest of the vacancies, no diploma is needed, most of the jobs are graduate jobs in Belfast. And it provides a good opportunity for graduates to start their careers in good places to work, earning a good salary.

What is the salary in Belfast?

The minimum wage in Belfast before taxes is € 1,450, which is a very good figure. This is the minimum wage that workers receive at part time jobs belfast. Your salary may be higher, it all depends on your diligence and hard work. The average salary in Ireland is approximately € 3,000. Over time, your salary will approach this indicator. Also, if you have a diploma in any specialty, and you can get a job in a good company, your salary may be more than 3000 euros, it all depends on your qualification level, education and work experience. Also, a certain tax will be deducted from your salary. In Britain, use a progressive scale of income tax - from 0 to 45%, it depends on the size of the salary you receive. By analogy with the minimum wage, the rates are revised every year. The amount of income that is not subject to taxation is 12,570 pounds per year, but since few people receive such a small salary, taxes are paid by everyone, even foreign workers.

How can I get a job in Belfast?

You can find any job in Belfast on websites that help foreigners find work in different countries. One of these sites is Layboard, which hosts many different vacancies in Belfast that you can take. This site is very convenient for finding a job, thanks to the search filters you can filter vacancies according to your capabilities and desires. This site is really very user-friendly, and has already helped more than one person to fulfill their dream.