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Working in Reading seems like a simple and accessible idea, but it can have negative consequences. Before seriously looking for jobs in Reading, you should understand what a job in Reading is and what nuances it hides behind it. The main thing is to prepare for the difficulties in Ukraine, and then go abroad.

What are the features of working in Reading for foreigners?

Work in Reading for Ukrainians has its own characteristics associated with the mentality of the population. There are several advantages, one of them is the possibility of easy employment of immigrants due to low unemployment in the country. A skilled worker receives a high salary and bonuses. Legal workers are provided with absolutely favorable conditions.

The part time jobs in Reading of the employer hiring a migrant is to convince certain government agencies that neither the British nor the EU is suitable for them as a worker. And employers themselves still prefer British nationals for working and managerial vacancies. The visa application will simplify the work permit in Reading. An important point: work in England without knowing the language is impossible. Before recruitment in Reading, you must present a certificate that confirms your knowledge of English (B1 and higher). And education must correspond to the position held. You will also have to provide a certificate of annual income, which must be at least 20,800 pounds. It is almost impossible to find indeed jobs Reading in Britain without going through an interview. It is not necessary to go to Reading for this, today Skype conferences are actively practiced. Also, the applicant may be offered to pass certain tests to check the psychological state. The visa is issued for five years with an extension for the same period, subject to a permanent place of work. 

What are the requirements for employers in Reading ?

As in any other European country, in Reading, local applicants as well as employees from Europe are a priority. However, foreigners from the CIS are still accepted to work in England. Ideally, for this you need to be a highly qualified specialist, but this is more about specialized specialties. For those applicants who plan to find Reading borough council jobs without reference to their specialty and qualifications, it will be mandatory to fulfill the following conditions: 

  • Good knowledge of English.

  • The perfect resume. 

  • Confirmation of diplomas. 

Meeting all the requirements does not guarantee employment in England. To do this, you must successfully pass an interview and receive an invitation from a British employer. 

How and where to look for work in Reading ?

The question of how to find Reading council jobs is relevant for many residents of the CIS and other countries of the world. First of all, it should be understood that highly qualified and hardworking applicants are gladly accepted in a European country. It is also interesting that recently in the UK, employers are increasingly looking for candidates for various vacancies who know Russian well. Job search in the UK can be done in many different ways. Some job seekers prefer to cooperate with trusted recruiting agencies, which are guaranteed to employ foreigners in a fairly short time. 

What are the most popular jobs in Reading ?

To legally find a job in England, you will need to apply for a work visa and confirm the level of knowledge of the English language. In a European country, there are also vacancies without linguistic knowledge, but this is extremely rare. Most often, Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians are hired for such vacancies in England: 

  • Nanny or cleaning jobs in Reading. Knowledge of English is not always required for this position. At the same time, the employer is often in search of migrant nannies who would teach the child their native language. 

  • Governor / Tutor or Chef jobs Reading. Often, the British are looking for tutors in various subjects for their children. To be employed for such a vacancy, you must have a teacher's education. 

  • Assistantъ. Knowledge of English is required at a basic level. Knowledge of the Russian language will be an advantage, since British businessmen often cooperate with Russian companies. Travel manager / real estate agent. These areas are well developed in England, so talented foreign employees in specialized firms will definitely not hurt. 

What is the cost of living in Reading ?

If you shop in indeed Reading you have to pay 2.45 times more for it than in Russia. Average cost of living in Reading ranges from: USD 3.000 (31 GBP) in a hostel to USD 6.000 (62 GBP) in a 3-star hotel. A night in a luxury hotel in Reading is around 12,000 RUB (126 GBP). Using public transportation in Reading comes with a cost of RUB 2.00 (GBP 2.00) for a one-way ticket. The price for renting a car in Reading (for example, Volkswagen Golf or Toyota Corolla) is 30,000 USD (20,000 GBP). If you prefer a taxi, remember that the price of a taxi in Reading depends on several factors. The starting price for a taxi is around: 275 RUB (2.80 GBP). For a 1 km drive to Reading you have to pay about: 1.40 RUB (1.40 GBP). 

What salary can I expect in Reading ?

Having decided to get nhs jobs Reading, first of all, you should study the list of the most demanded specialties and the approximate level of salaries in these niches. Today the most needed specialists in the UK are the following:

  • IT-specialists - approximately 46 thousand pounds per month. 

  • Programmers / Developers - about 45 thousand pounds monthly. 

  • Personal assistants average £ 29,000 per month. 

  • Management consultants - approximately 48 thousand pounds. 

  • Designers and specialists in the field - about 24 thousand pounds. 

  • Business managers average £ 29,000 a month.

Also in Reading, medical workers of different profiles are in demand. The salary level of these specialists depends on the qualifications, specialty and Reading job centre experience. According to statistics, male specialists in England earn more than women.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in Reading ?

Working in Reading is the dream of many foreign citizens, in particular, residents of the CIS countries. Not surprising, because employment in this European country has a number of advantages: 

  • High salaries. Even specialists with an average qualification level receive decent salaries in England. 

  • Pension fund contributions. Officially working in  Reading, a foreign citizen pays taxes, from which, as a result, his pension will be formed (in case of obtaining citizenship). 

  • The possibility of obtaining benefits. Every officially employed foreign employee is entitled to leave, maternity leave, hospital payments and other social benefits. 

Of course, you can find disadvantages in employment in  Reading, but they will all relate to the illegal way of getting Reading uni jobs. Official employment methods, in turn, are transparent and extremely beneficial for applicants from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.