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Many people go abroad in search of work. The high popularity of going to work abroad is mainly due to the following reasons:
-          Difficulty finding employment in your country or lack of desired vacancies;
-          Possibility of high wages in a short time.

Ibri has its place in the list of the most popular cities to get a job in. There are some benefits of jobs in Ibri: pension insurance, medical insurance, internal and external courses, and training, the career development plans for employees.

What are the features of working in Ibri?

In recent years, the crime rate has dropped. Generally, you can feel safe while walking during the day. As a general rule, you shouldn't be afraid to walk at night. Ibri is a great travel destination in terms of safety. Don't be afraid of being attacked or robbed. Items left in the car should be protected, but it is better not to leave valuables in the car. The chances of hearing abuse or sexual harassment are very low. Tourists with different skin colors, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation can feel safe because Ibri is a very tolerant place.

Where to look for an Ibri job?

Each site has its own advantages. Somewhere there is information about the employing company, somewhere it is not enough, somewhere - more convenient search options. But there is our website that focuses on jobs in specific industries.

Many foreign sites are filled mainly with offers from recruiting agencies. Since they are intermediaries, employment through them is slower. Therefore, it is important to find a way out directly to the employer. Layboard provides you with the most clear information, just look at vacancies directly on the website, check the companies, especially the largest ones.

What are the most popular professions in Ibri?

Let’s have a look at some of them:
-          Barista;
-          Plumber;
-          Nurse;
-          Salesman;
-          Accountant;
-          Security guard;
-          Manager;
-          Handyman;
-          Driver;
-          Architect.
You can choose whatever you want to, but don’t forget to make your resume in the correct way, know at least basic English and work hard! Ibri will help you with nice employment!