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Residents of each country strive to earn more and are looking for all possible ways for this. Poles are no exception, and therefore, after the opening of the European labor market, their labor migration to more developed EU countries began. Most Poles need to go to work in Great Britain and Germany. Accordingly, a vacuum formed on the Polish labor market, which there was nothing to fill. Even the problems that began in the European labor market after the financial crisis, as well as the negative attitude towards migrant workers on the part of citizens of other countries (mainly in the UK) did not make Poles return home.

What jobs are in demand in Poland?

Polish employers offer jobs in poland for indian with higher wages and better working conditions than those at home. For example, working in the medical company in Germany, Poles can earn 3-4 times more than in their own clinics and hospitals. However, in order to obtain such a job, it is necessary not only to be a highly qualified worker and know the Polish language, but also to have an appropriate education, preferably higher. Most likely, you will also be required to have a document confirming the level of knowledge (qualifications) issued or duly confirmed (legalized) by the relevant institution of the authorities of the Republic of Poland.

Most of all, the Polish labor market requires medical workers, engineers, scientists and IT workers and offer job opportunities in poland. Qualified specialist, such as designer and architect is also in demand. It should be noted that the markets of the united Europe are beginning to level out - accordingly, the difference in wage levels is also beginning to decrease.

From early spring to the onset of cold weather in Poland, you can make good money on various seasonal jobs. The main types are work on agricultural land, construction and timber processing industry.

To work as an employee in enterprises engaged in agricultural business, gardening or on private farms, workers are hired, to whom two basic requirements are set - endurance and health. This is due to the fact that the work is very grueling, and the payment depends on the amount of the planted (processed or harvested) crop or the hours worked. Special professional skills and knowledge of the Polish language are encouraged, but not required. There are jobs in poland for english speakers with higher salaries.

Construction work requires at least certain professional skills and at least minimal knowledge of the Polish language. Work experience will be your advantage. It is clear that this does not apply to those cases when they get a job as laborers. The payment for vacancy also depends on the place of work, the specific employer.

The main requirement for all types of seasonal work in Poland is good physical shape.

Work in Poland for men. Polish firms are most often looking for men to offer them the positions of plasterers, bricklayers, turners, carpenters, electricians, car mechanics, drivers and welders.

Work in Poland for women is mainly available in the form of seasonal work on the land (planting and harvesting fruits, berries and vegetables).

What are the requirements for employers in Poland?

As of today, the main document that gives a foreigner the right to work in Poland is the so-called work visa. In fact, this is a visa obtained on the basis of an invitation to work. Another option is to get a work permit. However, Ukrainian citizens can work in Poland without a mandatory work permit for no more than 6 months during the year, provided they have a long-term visa. Such visas can be obtained on the basis of an official declaration of intent to entrust work to a foreigner. All data on the job must be indicated in the application; data of the foreigner whom they intend to hire; start date and duration of work; type of work; the amount of wages; occupation and specific place of work.

A registered application is the basis for you to receive a residence visa for the purpose of employment (issued at the Polish consulate) or a residence permit for a certain period of time for employment (if you are already legally staying in Poland).

What is the cost of living in Poland?

To live comfortably in Krakow per two persons is affordable. € 800 includes renting an apartment, eating mainly at home and in budget cafes, traveling by public transport and not forgetting about sports and entertainment. If you plan to move alone and are guided by a fairly budgetary lifestyle, you will need € 550-600. In general, living in Poland is inexpensive. Although the level of the average and minimum wages is consistent.

What is the salary in Poland?

The amount of earnings directly depends not only on your performance, but also on the region where you find a job. For the same job, foreigners in Poland, as a rule, were paid significantly less than Poles. Often this is abused by unscrupulous employers who argue their position with only one “don't like it - quit”.

On the other hand, the Polish General Directorate of Statistics claims that the following average monthly wages have been established in Poland:

  • make-up artists, hairdressers, cleaners - PLN 1500-2000;

  • teachers, seamstresses - PLN 2.0-2.2 thousand;

  • sellers - PLN 1.8-3.0 thousand;

  • cashiers, electricians, locksmiths - PLN 2.4-2.5 thousand;

  • cooks, carpenters, drivers (except for truckers) - 2.7-2.8 thousand zlotys;

  • bricklayers, builders, truckers, seasonal harvest workers - PLN 3.0-4.0 thousand;

  • IT workers - from PLN 7,800;

  • ancillary workers - PLN 8-10 per hour.

How can I get a job in Poland 

There are several ways to look for a job in Poland. All of them differ in time, reliability of the result, availability of the necessary skills and cost.

The first one is based on the recommendations of acquaintances, relatives from among those who have already worked there.

The second method is an independent search on the Internet and official resources of the Polish authorities or sites where they offer work.

The third way to find a job in Poland is easy but expensive. This is an appeal to intermediaries. It does not guarantee a quick result, but it increases the chances of finding a really high-paying job.