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How to legally find a job in the UAE


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Jobs in UAE

What are the features of working in UAE for foreigners?
Jobs in UAE in 2021 are available in a variety of economic sectors, including tourism, oil and other goods, building, information technologies and finances. The concentration of foreigners in the city is impressive. According to some data, more than 80% of Dubai’s 2.5 million population is composed of foreigners, mostly foreigners who have come to part time jobs in the UAE. During the day, the number of residents increases by another 1 million, as many professionals and workers live in nearby cities and come to Dubai only to work. Most migrant workers (over 70%) are from Asian countries, Europeans are less well represented, but work on jobs where needed with more high skills. Employment in the UAE and long-term residence in the UAE require a certain amount of training for foreigners. For example, the UAE has a very hot climate with little rainfall during the year. In summer, the air temperature reaches 45-50 degrees Celsius in the shade. Most hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, offices and public transport are well equipped with air conditioning, so your job in UAE won’t be uncomfortable.

 What are the requirements for employers in the UAE?

All vacancies in the UAE have the same requirements for applicants as the rest of the world. Despite the fact that the countries of the region are different from the rest of the world, work in the UAE requires the same from the applicants: education in the right field, work experience from one to two years, and age of the applicant from 18 to 60 years. Similarly, each employer has its own requirements, which is discussed directly in the recruitment process. Also, for a foreigner who wants to work in the United Arab Emirates, knowledge of English is important, as it is the language that is most spoken here. Knowledge of Arabic is welcome, but not compulsory everywhere. The best jobs in the UAE have high standards, so if you meet the requirement, you should definitely try working in the UAE. 

What are the advantages of working in the UAE? What salary can I expect in the UAE?

First of all, the greatest advantages of working in the UAE are high salaries, comfortable work, favourable terms of cooperation. Jobs in the Emirates are becoming more and more modern and the search is being made easier as the city grows and develops, which means that finding a job in the UAE in 2021 is much easier, quicker, more profitable and more convenient than, for example, five years ago. Jobs in the UAE are very well paid - most jobs' salaries start at $1,000. Any part time job in the UAE is better paid than in Europe in the vast majority of cases.

What are the most popular jobs in the UAE?

The most popular jobs in the UAE are mainly in the service and construction sector - hotel and restaurant business, mechanics, driver, gardener, builder, massage therapist, hairdresser or manicure master - depending on your qualifications and work experience. Also, if you have the necessary education, you can work as a doctor, a nurse, an economist, or a financier. 

What salary can I expect in the UAE?

Jobs in the UAE are very well paid, as the country is very rich and has large oil reserves. Even with a temporary job in the UAE, you can earn a decent wage. The better your education and the more experience you have - the more your salary will be!

How and where to look for work in the UAE?

You can find a job on the where the newest vacancies in the UAE at the moment are placed, with the specified salary and terms of cooperation. On this site you can find any job that will match your skills and desires. You can also contact the employees, who are also listed on the site, and consult them on the job selection.

What is the cost of living in UAE?

The Arab Emirates is a relatively expensive country. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are considered the leading cost-of-living countries in the UAE. Living in these cities costs a lot, but employers offer good living and working conditions, so you will not be uncomfortable with lack of money.