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Calgary is a city that all of Canada can be proud of, for several reasons.

Life in Calgary, one way or another, revolves around oil production. Its deposits were discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, but they were so insignificant that no one attached much importance to them. However, when truly limitless supplies were discovered at Calgary in 1947, Canada rejoiced. Thanks to the energy crisis of the 70s, Calgary AB has become a strategically important facility not only for its country, but for the whole world.

What jobs are in demand in Calgary?

To make it easier for you to find job opportunities in Calgary, we give you not jobs in Calgary Canada, but top ten employers:

  • Calgary Health Region (medical care),
  • Canada Safeway Ltd (sale of medicines and food),
  • Precision Drilling Corporation (construction of oil wells),
  • ATCO Ltd. (production and supply of electricity),
  • Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (transportation),
  • Flint Energy Services Ltd. (hydropower),
  • Suncor Energy Inc. (oil sands development),
  • Shaw Communication Inc. (Diversified Communications company),
  • West Jet Airlines Ltd. (air transportation),
  • Shell Canada Limited (refined petroleum products).

By the way, the unemployment rate in Calgary is only 3.5%

What is the salary in Calgary?

As you know, Calgary is popular for its high salaries and among jobs in Calgary for Indian and jobs in Calgary for foreigners there are such wages:

  • Cleaner of premises 2454.02 $
  • Services, maintenance, repair 2656.49 $
  • Stylist, hairdresser, fitness trainer 2761.05 $
  • Pharmacist $ 2822.16
  • Science and maintenance $ 2837.62
  • Call center employee $ 2945.85
  • Advertising, graphic design $ 3029.79
  • Tourism, Catering 3046.72 $
  • Clothing & Fashion $ 3068.07
  • Administration $ 3121.09
  • Courier, delivery man, driver $ 3190.3
  • Architect 3421.49 $
  • Banker 3446.52 $
  • Insurance 3466.4 $
  • Telecommunications 3558.44 $
  • Production 3586.42 $
  • Marketing 4232.13 $
  • Electronics Sale 4294.72 $
  • Lawyer 4296.19 $
  • Accounting and finance  $ 4383.07
  • Security service, security, fire service $ 4417.67
  • Training (education) 4448.6 $
  • Fundraising 4540.63 $
  • Public Relations $ 4601.74
  • Medic 4601.74 $
  • Personnel manager $ 4788.02
  • Construction, installation $ 4802.01
  • Information Technology $ 4832.94
  • Sales Manager 5084.01 $
  • Real estate agent 5153.95 $
  • Ecologist $ 5215.06
  • Quality Control Service $ 5479.39
  • Business Analyst 5506.63 $
  • Automotive industry 5522.09 $
  • Purchase and Inventory 6198.73 $
  • Engineer 6296.66 $
  • Executive power and management $ 7915.74
  • Energy 8351.61 $

What is the cost of living in Calgary?

The total cost of living in Calgary for two people with an average consumption for one month, excluding the cost of housing, will be $ 1367.36.

How to find a job in Calgary?

Before you start looking for a work in Calgary, you need to go through the planning stage of your search. First, you need to decide what you need a job vacancies in Calgary for, and whether there are certain preferences in salary or the specifics of work activities. Many will say that work is necessary in order to earn money for a living, and they will be right. But even if this is the case, you still need to think about your goals in your job search. This will help you write a resume and cover letter, choose the right words, phrases and addresses when talking with employers.

It is also worth deciding on the length of work you are looking for. The employer often divides positions into Permanent (on a long-term basis, from 6 months) and Temporary (up to 6 months). For different temporary types, there will be different requirements from the employer and, accordingly, special requirements from your resume.

In Calgary, more and more new employment agencies are appearing every day. You can find vacancies in Calgary there and jobs in Calgary which will be the most suitable for you and your personality. Now more and more small companies are opening that deal with specialists in only one field of activity. For example, there are agencies that only deal with petroleum engineers, accountants, office workers, construction workers, marketers, etc.

We also advise you to look through the website Layboard first, to make sure you definitely want to work in Calgary, see all vacancies available and be ready to discuss it with your employer.