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Montreal is the economic center of Quebec and its urban area contributes a significant portion of the GDP. Important industries in Montreal include food, film, banking and finance, and the nanotechnology sector or environmental technology, information technology, aerospace and, most importantly, the service sector.

What are the most popular jobs in Montreal?

We have compiled a ranking of the most in-demand jobs in Montreal Canada. It turned out that the most popular professional field is technology. As Indeed Canada CEO Jodie Kasten said in a communiqué, the best jobs are in the tech and professional services sectors. According to her, six out of ten positions of the compiled rating are related to the field of technology, which is not surprising on a large city scale. In the first place in terms of the frequency of publications is the qualification of an engineer of the development and operation process, and then comes the profession of an integrated developer of a product manager.

Other Top-10 jobs in Montreal:

  • Business Manager;
  • Director of Human Resources;
  • Problem solving manager;
  • Chief Operating Officer;
  • Java developer;
  • Project manager SAP principal;
  • Chief Software Engineer.

What is the salary in Montreal?

Montreal has consistently ranked in the top five best cities in Canada to live. One of the reasons is work in Montreal and its decent wages - even without education, you can earn enough money for a comfortable existence here, and qualified workers buy houses and cars for wages, make savings and travel the world.

Salary in Montreal depends on the profession, qualifications, region and work experience. Also is it full time jobs Montreal or part time jobs. Doctors (especially dentists) and programmers are highly valued. Service workers are paid less and more in demand, making it easy to find a nanny or salesperson job.

We have compiled a list of jobs in Montreal for foreigners and jobs in Montreal for Indian:

  • Doctor 10000
  • Nanny 2500
  • Guide 2500
  • Maid 2300
  • Teacher 5000
  • Engineer 6000
  • Nurse 4000
  • Welder 3700
  • Programmer 13600
  • Electrician 4800
  • Police officer 11360
  • Labor Worker 2880
  • Seller 7040
  • Fireman 9920
  • Driver 3000
  • Lawyer 11840
  • Driver 3400
  • Accountant 8000
  • Builder 2720
  • Loader 2880
  • Dentist 12000
  • Taxi driver 4800
  • Lawyer 12000

The average salary in Montreal, according to the latest statistics, for 2021 is 51,000 Canadian dollars per year or 4,250 Canadian dollars per month. This indicator is not absolute, since wages in different industries differ several times, but it gives an approximate idea of ​​the standard of living and the value of labor in the city and country. The average salary has been growing steadily over the past few years, and in 2021 it has increased by 3.1% and is ahead of inflation. Gender influences wages - men earn $ 4 more per hour than women. For a month, the difference will already be more than $ 500. Employees under 25 are paid an average of $ 16 per hour. Workers between the ages of 25 and 54 receive $ 29 an hour, and those over 55 receive $28.

What it's like to work in Montreal?

Montreal's diversity of industries offers expatriates many opportunities to enter the market, and a great work in Montreal for foreigners, but competition is fierce as it has a strong local workforce. i There are also many great educational institutions out there allowing new members to join the workforce every day. There are also strict requirements that foreigners must meet in order to obtain a work permit.

Fluency in a foreign language English or French are required to find a job in Canada. Please be aware that the language requirements for working in your chosen profession in Canada may differ from the requirements for immigration to Canada. Citizenship and Immigration Canada offers a free online self-assessment tool.

Before a Canadian company can hire a foreign worker, it must obtain a labor market opinion from the Human Resources and Social Development Department. “Canada Service”, which assesses the impact of a foreign worker on the Canadian labor market or how a job offer to a foreign worker will affect jobs in Canada. If you are employed in Canada and your employer has obtained a labor market statement allowing you to hire you, you must apply for a work permit with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Despite these obstacles, they do not apply to all professions and individuals. If you have specific work experience in an area where there is a shortage of labor (such as the healthcare sector), or if you are willing and able to show diligence and perseverance, you can find the perfect job in Montreal.

How and where to look for work in Montreal?

A checklist of what you need to get started in your career:

  1. Write a biography (CV);
  2. Research potential employers;
  3. Find job opportunities;
  4. Write cover letters;
  5. Fill out a job application;
  6. Survey;
  7. Follow up;
  8. Get a job!

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