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The city of Brampton is located in the Canadian province of Ontario, near Toronto, on the banks of the small Etobicoke River.

What jobs are in demand in Brampton?

  1. Part-time crew member (you can work as part time crew member in any café or restaurant).
  2. Driver (of a bus, taxi, truck).
  3. Baby sitter (in Brampton young nannies who have pedagogical education and some experience are especially appreciated! It will also be a plus if you have previously done this work and know several languages).
  4. Administrative store support.
  5. Insurance managers and financial brokers
  6. Banking, Loan and Investment Managers
  7. Managing marketers, advertising and public relations managers
  8. Financial auditors and accountants
  9. Financial and investment analysts
  10. Other financial officers
  11. Workforce professionals
  12. Professionals in business management and consulting
  13. Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations Professionals

What are the features of working in Brampton for foreigners?

How can jobs in Brampton be attractive? First of all, the opportunity to live in one of the most economically developed countries in the world, and as you know, an indicator of the state's well-being is a large number of vacancies and a low unemployment rate. All this fully applies to today's Brampton. The construction, forestry, mining, transport industries are developing rapidly, which offer vacancies to both highly qualified specialists and workers without higher education.

In some cases, a foreigner is not required to know the state languages, of which there are two in Canada Brampton- English and French: for example, to work on a farm or as a laborer at a construction site. But if the applicant applies for a high-paying position in a prestigious company to work in Brampton, this condition is mandatory.

Among the advantages of jobs in Brampton Canada are high level of wages, a favorable attitude of the authorities towards immigrants, the ability to count on permanent residence in the country in the future. Many come to Canada to study and in the future are successfully employed here, because a Canadian university diploma significantly adds points to the applicant for a job.

How can I get a job in Brampton?

The search for jobs available in Brampton using the Internet is becoming increasingly popular in the world. You can also look for a job in Brampton in this way, choosing for yourself:

  • studying the lists of vacancies on job site Layboard;
  • posting your own resume on the websites of Canadian companies;
  • contacting a recruiting agency.

Posting a resume for full time jobs in Brampton on the websites of well-known companies is also a fairly effective way to attract the attention of an employer, who will appreciate the applicant's desire to work for him.

Among other things, one should not ignore such traditional search methods as viewing media materials - both print and TV and radio broadcasting - or seeking advice from friends or relatives who have similar experience.

What salary can I expect in Brampton?

The minimum wage, depending on the profession, ranges from 10.75 to 13 CAD per hour (1CAD = 0.79USD). If we translate these numbers into a more familiar monthly salary for us, we get 1,860 CAD or 1,380 USD, provided that the working week is 40 hours.

It is estimated that the amount of wages in a city may depend on:

  • age. Young specialists have the lowest incomes. Along with the accumulation of seniority, wages also grow;
  • gender - women earn less than men by an average of 13%;
  • the terms of the employment contract. Permanent workers generally receive more than temporary workers. Of course, full time will be paid higher than part time.

How to explain your qualifications to employers?

The prospective employee for hiring in Brampton should confirm that he or she:

  • does not plan to stay in Canada beyond the period stipulated in the contract;
  • has enough money for the first time of stay;
  • had no criminal record in the countries of previous residence;
  • does not pose a threat to public order or national security in Canada;
  • does not have serious diseases requiring long-term treatment;
  • ready to provide the authorities with any additional information about themselves.