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Birmingham, a city in the West Midlands, got its name from the name of a tribe that lived on the lands where the city is now. After the conquest of the territory of modern England by the Scandinavians, the family that inherited these lands took the surname de Birmingham. At the end of the 11th century, the settlement was smaller than the neighboring villages, but it expanded significantly when its owner received permission to hold fairs and collect taxes from merchants.

There were deposits of iron ores and coal nearby, which determined the development of Birmingham as an industrial center. There were no ports and transport hubs nearby, so the city produced products of the highest quality to somehow compete with more advantageously located settlements. Later, the production of weapons was established. Nowadays there are numerous jobs in Birmingham UK. Every foreigner, who has enough experience and qualification can have an opportunity to get job here, build a career and earn a good salary. Such a foreign candidate can require good wage up to his expectations.

Birmingham job opportunities

Today, you can find work in Birmingham both in manufacturing (the Jaguar and Cadbury factories on the outskirts) and in the intellectual sphere: there are three universities and more than 450 schools. Interestingly, there is the largest difference between the average wages of women and men - 473 and 373 pounds per week. In general, incomes are lower than the UK average. There are numerous jobs in Birmingham today.

How can I get a job in Birmingham?

The interest of the British government in qualified specialists has been known for a long time, as evidenced by the mere fact of the operation of the English Highly Skilled Migrant Program, according to which highly qualified workers from Ukraine are issued the necessary work visas. With the help of a visa under such a program, you will have access not only to work in the UK, but also the right to open your own business, as well as the opportunity to obtain a passport of a citizen of this country in the future.

In common work in Birmingham can be:

  • legal;

  • seasonal.

Legal work is a permanent job in England for Ukrainians, for which the candidate is required to have a diploma of complete higher education and knowledge of the English language. New vacancies Birmingham appear all the time. Most often, foreign employers are looking for workers in the following specialties:

  • programmer;

  • engineer;

  • designer;

  • marketing manager;

  • sales manager.

According to international statistics, the UK is among the top ten countries with the highest monthly and annual salaries. On average, for a year, excluding taxes, any worker from the above specialties receives up to 40 thousand pounds sterling, i.e. about 3 thousand pounds monthly.

Seasonal work - employment in England for a season, from 3 to 6 months, for a job that does not require the applicant to have a diploma, professional experience, or knowledge of the English language. Anyone can get such a work permit in the UK, even a student. The most common Birmingham jobs for foreigners are below. Seasonal workers are most in demand for the following jobs:

  • agricultural assistants (farm work);

  • truckers and personal drivers;

  • builders and construction workers;

  • nannies and nurses;

  • maids and housekeepers.

Of course, the optional presence of a diploma, work experience and knowledge of a foreign language is a significant advantage for many citizens of Ukraine, but in terms of salaries, temporary workers are significantly inferior to qualified employees. The average monthly income for the above occupations ranges from £ 500 to £ 800. The exceptions are builders and drivers, who can earn up to £ 1.5 thousand a month.

How and where to look for work in Birmingham?

Employment in Birmingham attracts with excellent working conditions, stable earnings and the possibility of successful career growth “According to A huge number of people from other countries strive to get to this country to work, since the economy here is dynamically developing in many areas, and the financial sector is one of the most attractive for migration. Who is eligible to work in the UK without a visa? To begin with, EU citizens do not currently require a work permit in the UK, but new laws may be enacted. Citizens of all other countries require a visa and work permits for employment. How do companies look for employees? Almost all UK companies hire employees through recruiting agencies. In case of a successful search, the employer pays the agency a remuneration in the amount of 10 to 30% of the annual salary of the hired employee. However, many firms are willing to consider resumes sent to them directly, offering jobs in Manchester for Indians. Therefore, when looking for a job, you should not ignore the official websites of companies and periodically look through the section with vacancies.