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Every person has ever thought of working in another country, and has started to think of different countries as options for moving to live and work there. And a lot of people would like to go to work in Norway, by reason of the fact that this country is a great place for a professional activity and a permanent residence. All European countries have an enviable level of economic expansion , and Norway is no exception, so there are now many jobs in Norway for foreigners that allow everyone to work there. Local employers provide comfortable work conditions, high salaries and social securities.

Which jobs are in demand in Norway?

Although Norway has a rather narrow specialization, there are many vacancies available in a wide variety of fields. In many sectors of the Norwegian economy, over here is a shortage of skills and a demand for foreign experts. For example, in services, catering and tourism. Hotel jobs in Norway are very common among newcomers, as jobs in such places are much easier to get than in any prestigious job. Job opportunities in Norway are very wide and it is possible to find a job in this country for those who really want, as there are a variety of vacancies with different conditions. Here is a list of some positions which roughly correspond to those normally available to expats in Norway:

  • Waiter

  • Chef

  • Janitor

  • Cashier

  • Nurse

  • Pharmacist

  • Engineer

  • Sales manager

  • Security guard

  • Driver

  • Locksmith

  • Mechanic

  • Translator

  • Notary public

  • Office boy

  • Hostess

This is an indicative list of vacancies available in Norway. Yes, a few of these vacancies in Norway are now available, and some may appear from time to time. All job vacancies in Norway have their own individual employee demands, so you need to know about the availability of a particular job immediately before contacting your employer. 

What salary can I expect in Norway?

At the national level, Norway has no minimum salary, but is governed by special agreements (collective agreements) between employers, local authorities and trade unions, and specific hourly rates are set for some sectors of the economy. It rely on the type of work you do. If it’s a full-time job, then your salary will be in line with the contract. If you work at one of the part time jobs in Norway, your salary should be calculated according to the number of hours worked. Also your salary will be equal to the level of your degree and work experience. 

What are the requirements for those seeking legal jobs in Norway?

First of all, you should know English, which is a mandatory requirement for all employers, as it is the language of international communication. Knowledge of Norwegian is also welcome. Secondly, in order to officially get a job in Norway, it is necessary to find a work vacancy in advance, sign a labour contract, obtain a work permit, open a visa and issue a Norwegian residence permit. It will allow you to find the best job in Norway. Thirdly, you need a university degree and work experience. Not all positions require an employee to have a degree, because it is not needed everywhere, but working skills and experience is needed. Although there are exceptions, there are many jobs in Norway for Indian freshers that do not yet have working skills. These employers are willing to train new workers themselves in the skills they need to work in this field. 

How to get jobs in Norway from India?

Jobs in Norway for Indians are accessible on the Layboard site, which contains all vacant jobs in Norway for Indians. Also this website is very easy to search, and allows you to quickly find the job that suits you and with conditions that will satisfy your needs.