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Loader in Sohar, Oman Warehouse Machine Operator in Sohar, Oman Material Handler in Sohar, Oman Inventory Manager in Sohar, Oman Warehouse Worker in Sohar, Oman Logistics coordinator in Sohar, Oman Supply manager in Sohar, Oman
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What is the average salary of a Warehouse Manager in Sohar?

The average salary for a Warehouse Manager is 1500$ each month in Sohar, Oman Area. Wages estimates are based on 3 sent wages.

Just how much a Warehouse Manager can make in Sohar.

What is the salary range for Warehouse Manager in Sohar? The average salary for Warehouse Manager in Sohar is around 1500$ but more experienced Warehouse Manager may even earn up to 2000$.

Is Warehouse Manager a good career in Sohar

Warehouse Manager can gain you a good A person with an excellent Warehouse Manager experience can earn greater than $avg salary each month in Sohar. As you start gaining even more experience, your pay begins increasing. Some Warehouse Manager make as much as $max salary each month.