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Resort Manager in Sur, Oman Hotel Manager in Sur, Oman Housekeeping Manager in Sur, Oman Hotel Maintenance Engineer in Sur, Oman Concierge in Sur, Oman Front Desk Receptionist in Sur, Oman Night Auditor in Sur, Oman
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What is the average salary of a Hotel Sales Manager in Sur?

The average salary for a Hotel Sales Manager is 1500$ per month in Sur, Oman Area. Incomes estimates are based upon 3 sent salaries.

What is maximum Hotel Sales Manager salary in Sur

A person functioning as a Hotel Sales Manager in Sur typically makes around 1500$ per month. Salaries vary from 1000$ to 2000$. This is the average regular monthly salary, consisting of real estate, transport, and various other advantages.

Is Hotel Sales Manager a good career in Sur

Hotel Sales Manager can earn you an excellent living. A person with a good Hotel Sales Manager experience can gain more than $avg salary per month in Sur. As you begin obtaining more experience, your pay begins increasing. Some Hotel Sales Manager earn up to $max salary monthly.