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Jobs in Jeddah

Are you interested in working and living in Jeddah? Our Layboard will help you with information of all sorts! Work in Jeddah, is the same high-paying, time consuming and promoting as in all Saudi Arabia. It isn’t matter are you looking for part-time jobs in Jeddah or expatriates Jeddah jobs, you will find what you are looking for.

What are the features of working for foreigners in Jeddah?

As in all countries, foreigners have both rights and liabilities for employment. Employment permit receives an employer who intends to conclude an employment contract with a foreigner. The work of foreigners can be applied in various positions in one or more employers, subject to obtaining a permit for each position.

What about commitments? When applying for a job, the migrant must provide the employer with: migration card, passport, patent, voluntary health insurance contract. But in principle, there is nothing complicated here, all you need is to collect a full package of documents (by the way, absolutely everything is not always required when applying for a job, it all depends on the employer) and of course you first need to find your future boss or company.

How and where to look for job vacancy in Jeddah?

There are a lot of chances to start thinking about working abroad, nowadays, you do not need to arrive right to Jeddah specially for looking for vacancies right in the offices. You can choose a time and meet with friend or just a person with experience of working in Saudi Arabia Jeddah. He or she will tell you everything, clear any information, tell the pros or cons, describe in detail the process and will reveal all the cards. You specify questions that are not sure and you can safely start searching and employment. Of course, it is not necessary to resort to such measures, all you need- access to the Internet. Our site, like others, will offer you vacancies in Jeddah. Right on our website there are tabs with different areas of work, you select the area you need and see several offers. Each offer will indicate the price, job description and requirements.

What are the requirements for foreign workers in Jeddah?

In Jeddah there is a popular job - Senior Financial Analyst. For a financial professional, an analytical mind is important. Mindfulness and perseverance will facilitate the work on reporting. The large amounts of information that the analyst has to work with requires good memory. It should be borne in mind that the specialty involves constant development in the professional field and possession of relevant information. A prerequisite for employment is conversational English proficiency. Financial analysts are required in large corporations, banks, small firms. Service in government agencies is possible: ministries, statistical centers, departments.

What are the most popular and well-paying jobs in Jeddah today? 

We introduce you the top 10 list of new jobs in Jeddah, which can be job expatriates in Jeddah, if you are good specialist, ant they can boast of their huge income and popularity in Jeddah.
1.      Doctors, especially surgeons.
2.      Lawyers.
3.      Judges.
4.      Bank managers.
5.      Financial Officers.
6.      Chief Executive officers.
7.      Orthodontists.
8.      Professors in colleges and universities.
9.      Pilots.
10.  Marketing directors.

There is also an example of vacancies in Jeddah, which can suit you, if you always find new opportunities to work, actively take part in team work, responsible to work as a part of month and year projects, effectively do the tasks and plans –Senior Project Manager is the profession, that suits you the most. But there is strict requirements: - you must have background PMO;
-          20 years of experience minimum;
-          Degree of architecture/design/engineering.

What is the cost of living in Jeddah?

As you must know, the level of great living is high but the price is low. Family of four needs about 2,535 dollars without rent. A single person uses monthly about 706 dollars, without rent too.

What salary can you expect in Jeddah jobs offered?

A person, who works in Jeddah typically earns about 17,300 SAR per month. Salary fluctuates somewhere between 4, 400 SAR to 70 000 SAR. This salary includes transportation, housing, etc.

Job hiring in Jeddah can be made by e-mail or personal meeting. When you have found job on the web-site and already contacted the employer- it can be made online, and if you visited you future company or office- you have an interview in person.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of expatriates Jeddah jobs offered, latest jobs in Jeddah and about living in this city?

Advantages: electricity bill is relatively low, patrol is cheap and there are a lot of luxury cars, this city and country is very religious muslims if you are religious too.

Disadvantages: there are a lot of strict rule and you need to follow it unquestioningly, there is no clubs or cinemas, it is incredibly difficult to obtain citizenship, no matter how long you live and work in Jeddah, for new workers competition is very tough.

Having discussed Jeddah jobs offered, jobs in Jeddah and all the questions you wanted to ask- now you can decide if you should work in Jeddah. Wish you good luk!