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Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia


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Expatriates Riyadh job

Riyadh is a cultural capital, renowned for its modern architecture and luxurious shopping centers. Besides this, Riyadh is famous for its job suggestions.

What are the features of jobs in Saudi Arabia Riyadh?

First of all –earnings. As we know, this is the main reason why foreigners go abroad en masse, because they pay more there. Jobs in Riyadh are well-paid, salaries are tax-free, which means you do not need to pay taxes to the state on your salary.

Career. Expatriates Riyadh jobs offer you a lot of different vacancies of any branch, you are able to get a job without education and experience (such as barman, waiter, loader, porter and so on). After working on such simple jobs, you can go far in your endeavors and gain other job offers, which will develop their career.

Lifestyle. The cost of living in Riyadh is low, when living style is high. Even if your profession is not as highly paid as you would like, your standard of living will not be lower than others.
Food and drink. The national meat dishes also include:

  • Meshui-meshakal or mezze - cold cuts
  • Yahni - a stew with vegetables
  • Macbus - meat with rice and spices
  • Cultra - meat cooked on a spit – all these foods are worth to try.
  • Shopping. A lot of supermarkets are open around the clock offering modern brands of clothes and delicious meals.

How can you get a job in Riyadh?

Use our tips for the right job search in this city. We can list many points about why you should still visit Riyadh as an employer center, but let's move on to the requirements. To begin with, take a blank sheet of paper and try to remember everything - what kind of education you have, in what subjects studied at school or institute, you have achieved the greatest success. Add to this list the various circles and electives that you attended, participation in conferences and olympiads.

Take your time to admit that you have no professional experience. Perhaps you helped someone in organizing your own business, made urgent payments, typed a voluminous text. Or they were on an internship, worked part-time during the holidays, had an industrial practice.

Try to objectively assess your business and personal qualities. It is worth listening to what family and friends have to say about you. Perhaps you disagree with their remarks, but do not mislead the employer with your "diligence and accuracy" if you do not have them.
We hope that such a comprehensive analysis of your capabilities will allow you to gain self-confidence and determine where you should look for a job and what professional skills you lack.
Now you can formulate your requirements for future work. First you need to decide what kind of job you want to find. Ask yourself what do you want to do, you want to have full-time or part-time jobs in Riyadh? Now assess your ability. Do you know what a marketing strategy is and do you know how to draw it up, and so on. Or maybe you are good at repairing equipment, then why exchange for inappropriate offers - feel free to go to the repairmen. Estimate how much money you need to live. But be realistic, start not from the maximum, but from the minimum.

Use sites of agencies you want to work in, check out all information about job vacancy in Riyadh. Your search for "work" will find groups with vacancies in any social media. You can also call on the power of Facebook and write on your page "cry for help" that you are looking for. Friends will see your recording, and word of mouth will do the trick.

What salary to count on and what living and working conditions?

Job offered in Riyadh has nice wages. For example cleaner of premises gets about 823.52 dollars per month or every two weeks (we can also refer this profession to urgent jobs in Riyadh), then couriers, delivery men, drivers have salary about 1500 dollars per month, government and administration about 2 thousand dollars and the most high-payed jobs, which earn about 7-10 thousands are lawyers and authorities. Choose your area, see on the sites your salary, check different employers and get a result.

Part-time jobs in Riyadh for men include, the scope of the security service, protection, sales manager, real estate agent, driver and so on. Job offered in Riyadh does not always require huge knowledge, education or experience, you just need to choose a good employer for yourself.

 Job hiring in Riyadh happens in the same way as elsewhere. A worker must write an application for employment, which is filed into a personal file, and the employer must issue an order on his employment and familiarize the newly hired worker with this order under his signature.