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Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is its cultural and economic center. The metropolis is located near the Yellow Sea, in the northwest of the country. It is to this large Korean city that the majority of labor migrants rush. The main language used in South Korea is Korean, but English is also widely spoken, especially in large multinational companies.

What jobs are in demand in Seoul?

The most popular jobs in Seoul are:

  • Information technologies.
  • Financial sphere.
  • Electronics and technology.
  • Tourism and entertainment.
  • Trading activities.
  • Agriculture.
  • Food Industry.

A little interesting fact! Seoul is home to a large animation entertainment center that opened in 1999. It houses an animation museum, play areas and a cinema. At the Seoul Animation Center, if you know Korean and English, you can try to get a job as an animator.

How can I get a job in Seoul?

In order to leave for Seoul South Korea to work, you need to obtain a work visa. Usually, the document is tied to a specific vacancy and in case of a change of employer or workplace, you will need to apply for a visa again. An application for a work visa is submitted by the applicant to the Korean Consulate in his country in person, but only after the conclusion of an employment contract with the employer. This is the main difficulty of the foreign worker.

A company in South Korea that is going to hire a foreign specialist is required to obtain a special certificate confirming the legality of the employment of a foreigner. Not all employers are eager to spend time going through this procedure. It should be noted right away that illegal work in South Korea threatens with large fines and deportation from the country with a subsequent ban on entry.

There are several conditions that you must adhere to get jobs in Seoul for Indian and part time jobs in Seoul for Indian students:

  1. First of all, you need to find an employer in advance who will agree to hire a foreigner. This can be done via the Internet (website Layboard will help you a lot and provide you with information of all sorts) or friends.
  2. It is necessary to draw up a work contract and open a work visa.
  3. To get a good job with a decent income, you need to know English. Additional knowledge of Korean is also a big plus for a resume. You shouldn't count on a high-paying job without knowing the language.
  4. It is better to send resume to potential employers directly, without third parties. Intermediaries can turn out to be scammers. You can also contact a professional recruiting agency, preferably South Korean or international.
  5. In the process of searching for vacancies on the Internet, you can place an ad like "looking for a job in Seoul", attach a resume to it and monitor page visits.

What salary can I expect in Seoul?

The minimum wage of jobs in Seoul for foreigners is 7,500 won per hour (six euros), and the average salary is around 2,000-2,500 euros. Taking taxes into account, an employee in Seoul earns about $ 17,000 annually. The salary can depend on the nationality and gender of the employee: for women, salaries are usually assigned several hundred dollars less than for men. It also depends on your working schedule and whether you have part time job in Seoul or full time job. In addition, the workweek in South Korea officially lasts 40 hours (five days, eight hours each).

There is work in South Korea for those with unskilled professions, for example, attractive girls, there are vacancies for models and dancers, hostesses are very popular in Korea.

There are Seoul jobs for Indian and popular job vacancies Seoul which are translators, English teachers, builders, farm workers, or seafood workers are often required. Wages in these areas are quite varied from 600-700 dollars per month. Much depends on the region, in Seoul you can earn significantly more than in other Korean cities, but the competition is much higher here.

How to explain your qualifications to employers?

Explaining your qualifications and your attitudes is also very important!

Never be the first to start talking about salary. You run the risk of giving yourself the mistaken impression that all you are interested in is money. Be sure: the employer understands perfectly well that this issue of remuneration is very important, so he will never forget to ask it, and will not deliberately delay this moment. In general, the question will sound on time.

Be sure to say all the details.

This advice is more relevant for young professionals without work experience, who often become "victims" of unscrupulous employers, working for a penny. Be sure to clarify all the details of your financial remuneration and your job details at the interview: for example, how long will you work at the minimum wage, what goals you need to accomplish, what to get a promotion (“what should I learn?”, “What should I achieve?”).