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Coming to work or permanent residence in the "city of angels" in the state of California, not every resident immediately finds a worthy job. Life here is very different, it takes time to settle down, get to know people and know the language. The basic nuances of Los Angeles job opportunities will help you get to know this city better and quickly find a suitable organization with an appropriate salary. 

California attracts many expats not only for its various offers, including options for those people who do not speak English very well, but also for its nature, ocean coast, and tranquil atmosphere. 

What jobs are in demand in Los Angeles?

Since there are many wealthy families in it, jobs in Los Angeles for foreigners is represented by the following directions: 

  • nannies and babysitters; 

  • cleaning company workers, gardeners; 

  • au pair; social workers caring for people with limited mobility; 

  • people who provide services in grooming, dog walking; personal drivers, taxi drivers. 

Even if your level of English is poor, but you have professional skills, you can find a jobs in Los Angeles that is related to renovation or construction. Directly builders of residential, commercial facilities, foreman's assistants, painters, plasterers, carpenters, plumbers, auto mechanics are in demand on the market. Some proposals may be on an ongoing basis, and some on a case-by-case basis: replacing wiring in the house, replacing equipment in swimming pools, cleaning air conditioners. 

What are the requirements for employers in Los Angeles?

Official employment requires a US work visa. It can be of several types. To apply for a visa, you first need an appropriate petition approved by the Citizenship and Immigration Service. The Form I-129 petition must be approved prior to applying for a work visa at the US Embassy or Consulate. Further, you will need a diploma of education recognized in the States, confirmed part time jobs in LA experience in the specialty, as well as: 

  • valid international passport; 

  • еlectronic application form DS-160; 

  • medical certificate; certificate of good conduct; 

  • labor contract; 

  • confirmation of payment of the consular fee: 160 or 190 dollars depending on the type of visa. 

Before the interview at the embassy, ​​you will have to go through a fingerprint. The application is submitted no earlier than 90 days before the planned trip. In practice, a visa is issued within 2-4 months. 

What is the cost of living in Los Angeles?

The most expensive areas are Santa Monica, Downtown, Beverly Hills, Malibu and some hillside areas. It is considered good to live in Westwood, Pasadena, Los Feliz as well. These are quiet, safe, nice places. But in every district there are good zones and not so good ones. In the same Downtown, the business and architectural center, there is Skidrow - real slums, literally a tent city for homeless people - and incredibly beautiful and expensive residential complexes in buildings of the 20-30s of the last century. Venice Beach is far from being a dream area for the most part: mostly disadvantaged Mexicans and other poor people live here. But even there there is an incredibly beautiful Abbott Kinney Street, consisting of individually designed houses, show rooms and cafes in the spirit of modern establishments.

Rental prices also vary greatly. As in other relatively expensive areas, studios here start from about $ 2,100 (RUB 139,100) per month, two-room apartments with two bathrooms - from $ 2,600 (RUB 172,200). The best option in this case is to find a neighbor and split the rent in half. So for $ 1,300 (86,100 rubles) you can get your own room and bathroom, but the kitchen and living room will have to be shared with someone. In Los Angeles, this is treated calmly, even fairly wealthy people are not averse to living with a flatmate. 

Personally, before moving to America, I never shared housing with anyone and thought it would be difficult. But in fact, it turned out that you can not see your neighbor for weeks due to busy schedules, but always know that he is there if necessary. If you really want personal space, it is best to look for a studio or one-room apartment in cheaper areas - it will cost $ 1,400. 

What is the salary in Los Angeles?

Salary and jobs in Los Angeles CA interests every modern person who wants to go to sunny California in order to earn a decent income. This bustling city is one of the most popular and largest centers for the entertainment, tourism, science, education, healthcare and IT industries. The Los Angeles economy is represented by highly developed auto, military, electrical and oil industries. Almost every one of these industries requires highly skilled professionals who are guaranteed high salaries.

Statistics show that every sixth Los Angeles resident works in the field of culture and leisure. We are talking about cinema, music, TV, art and design. Today, the minimum income in this large American city is $ 15 per hour for businesses with a staff of 25 people, and $ 10 - with a staff of up to 25 employees. As of January of this year, the average monthly salary in Los Angeles is $ 5,000. This indicator is mainly influenced by the position and place of jobs in Los Angeles for Indians. For example, heads of large companies, auditors, lawyers, financiers, programmers, surgeons and dentists with a part time jobs in Los Angeles experience of 5 years or more receive about 10 thousand dollars a month.

How can I get a job in Los Angeles?

If you are not Californian or Californian, you can still look for work in Los Angeles, but you cannot get a work permit yourself. To apply for a jobs in LA, you first need to get a job offer. An employer, consulting company or employment agency must apply for a work visa in your name if they decide to hire you. If you are abroad, you can apply through your local Los Angeles consulate for a work visa. If you are in Los Angeles, your boss is applying for a work permit with you.