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Washington is an attractive destination for people from all over the world in terms of study, work and life in general. There is a low level of unemployment, rather high wages, and the prestige of getting an education and work experience at local enterprises opens up almost all doors for people far beyond the borders of the United States. 

What are the features of working in Washington for foreigners?

Washington is a city with a stable economy. That is why many people often think about employment from this particular country. Legal work in the United States attracts decent wages and statutory social guarantees. America is ready to accept both experienced professionals and students who need temporary, seasonal work. How to find Washington state jobs? And what are the benefits of legal employment? 

The United States' immigration policy provides for harsh measures for foreign nationals who tried to illegally stay and work in the country. Deportation decisions are made independently by the immigration authorities. 

What are the requirements for employers in Washington ?

  • Knowledge of English. For highly qualified professions - a mandatory requirement, because acceptance of documents, interviews are conducted exclusively in English. Without knowing the language, you can only count on low-paying jobs in WA or, if you're lucky, a jobs tacoma in a Russian-speaking company. But with the obligation to learn English as soon as possible. 

  • Nostrification of the diploma. Not all employers recognize degrees outside the United States. Therefore, first check with the potential employer what the requirements are for this document. Nostrification - confirmation of the authenticity of the diploma, which is carried out for a fee by special agencies. To consider the application, you will need to collect all the documents related to your education and wait about a month. 

How and where to look for work in Washington ?

The American labor market is one of the most competitive in the world. The unemployment rate is usually kept in the region of 4-4.5%. The most reliable way to find jobs in Washington is through acquaintances, friends, relatives who already live in the States. They are aware of the specifics of the move and the market situation in a particular state. But if there are none, use the following worksource in Washington: 

1. Independent search through exchanges. 

2. Contacting the company directly.

3. Local newspapers.

What are the most popular jobs in Washington ?

Specialists for whom there is always a place in America - doctors, programmers, engineers, builders, service and agricultural workers, handymen. A lot of workers without diplomas are needed. If you study the sites of WA state jobs, you will notice a lot of ads, which also require:

  •     auto mechanics;

  •     truck drivers and truckers;

  •     nurses;

  •     managers;

  •     nannies and nurses;

  •     storekeepers, packing couriers, production line workers, etc .;

  •     cleaners.

However, the United States especially needs highly qualified specialists - Microsoft Seattle jobs. And in return for the time spent (confirmation of the diploma, collection of documents, license, exams, etc.), you will receive a decent salary.

What is the cost of living in Washington ?

Finding decent housing for a reasonable price is not the biggest problem. Living in Washington is very expensive, even by American standards. Finding a room or apartment in Washington is really difficult, because the market is large, there are many offers, but the best ones fly out in a few hours. The approximate cost of renting a home is $ 2,000 per month. Another challenge in Washington is transportation. “A car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation,” is a very fair word for the United States. If in big cities public transport is well developed, then you hardly leave the city without your own car. In the morning and evening hours on weekdays, it is more expensive to travel. Minimum: $ 1.75, maximum - $ 5.90. 

What salary can I expect in Washington ?

In Washington, it is our usual five-day work week with two days off, the duration of which is about 40 hours. Income tax attorney seattle jobs vary between 10-35% and depend on the person's ability to pay and his social status. 

The worst paid in the country is unskilled labor: 

  • cleaner, janitor - $ 25,000; 

  • administrator, secretary - $ 34,000; 

  • storekeeper - $ 27,000; 

  • call center operator - $ 33,000; 

  • waiter - $ 20,000; 

  • office worker without special knowledge - $ 30,000; 

  • cashier, fast food worker - $ 20,000; 

  • seller - $ 25,000; 

  • courier-packer - $ 20,000-25,000; 

  • housekeeper (full range of housekeeping services, knowledge of English) - $ 15-20 per hour. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in Washington ?

Pros of living in Washington: 

  • Numerous polls of tourists and independent studies deservedly include the United States in the list of the most beautiful countries in the world. 

  • The United States is one of the largest countries in terms of population after China and India. At the same time, it occupies a leading position in terms of ethnic composition. 

  • A high standard of living, a large economy and effective laws create optimal conditions for attracting foreign investment and successful business in the United States. 

  • The US has low unemployment and a strong labor market. 

  • Excellent infrastructure, employment security department of Washington state and sports events. 

Cons of living in the USA: 

  • High property prices, expensive medical care and education. 

  • Complex legal system and laws. 

  • High crime rates in many cities. 

  • Labor legislation is highly controversial, for example, in terms of annual leave, which is not paid or does not exist at all. 

  • Inadequate public transport system.