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In every country there are cities with inexplicable magical powers that you want to visit, and if you're really lucky, stay to work. Atlanta has become famous not only as the capital of the state of Georgia. It also bears the unofficial title of the capital of the New South. A modern city with a population of half a million people, it carefully preserves its historical roots, unique charm and charm.

Jobs in Atlanta at one of the many businesses will appreciate the subtropical climate with its characteristic hot summers and cool, rainy winters. There is almost no snow here, but hurricanes often rage, which the wind brings from the Atlantic.

The image of the business center of the southeastern region of the country is explained by the fact that the largest US companies operate here. Atlanta is home to major companies such as Coca-Cola, mobile operator AT&T, express delivery of goods and documents United Parcel Servise, the world's largest Oceanarium with 50 million liters of water. The total number of private companies in the city is over 150 thousand. Jobs in Atlanta ga for foreign applicants can be related to high technology, business services or maintenance.

What jobs are in demand in Atlanta?

Many foreigners mistakenly believe that the in-demand professions in the USA Atlanta must necessarily be well paid. This is absolutely not the case. The fact is that all high-paying positions attract specialists, among whom there are many, both Americans and foreigners. These jobs are almost never empty. The situation is fundamentally the opposite with professions where they pay little. As a rule, positions requiring minimal education (or no training at all) involve mainly manual labor, the pay for which does not always satisfy workers. Hence the fact of a shortage of manpower.

Today the most demanded professions are:

  • retailers. As a rule, special training is not required, which, in fact, is reflected in wages. Sellers earn an average of $ 22,000 a year, which is about 10,000 less than the average salary in the United States (in 2020, the average salary in the country was over 37,000);
  • workers in the field of restaurant and hotel business and fast food. Also, as a rule, in this area there is no need to present educational diplomas. In almost any American city, you can easily find advertisements that local restaurants and hotels require cooks, waiters, dishwashers, maids, bartenders, and cleaners. However, not every person can withstand the stress of such positions. This, in principle, explains the turnover of personnel among representatives of these professions. Salaries in this area range from $ 20,000 to $ 25,000.

Among the professions requiring education, the most popular are:

  • medical staff;
  • programmers;
  • office employees (managers, accountants, secretaries);
  • translators;
  • specialists in mechanical engineering;
  • mathematicians and analysts;
  • ecologists;
  • engineers;
  • primary school teachers and educators.

Also remote jobs Atlanta are popular too and warehouse jobs Atlanta.

What are the requirements for employers in Atlanta?

For employment, you will need to know English well. Specific level requirements may vary by profession. As a rule, positions related to communication directly imply fluency in English. If you plan to work as maids, cleaners, work from home jobs Atlanta and so on, you may be allowed to limit yourself to only basic knowledge. However, one should not rely heavily on concessions from the authorities, since often even the most low-skilled workers are required to have a fluent knowledge of the language.

What is the cost of living in Atlanta?

The total cost of living in Atlanta for two people with an average consumption for one month, excluding the cost of housing, will be $ 1416.92.

What is the salary in Atlanta?

  • Maximum-  33333 $;
  • Average-  $ 7059;
  • Minimum-  $ 942.

The demand for representatives of a particular profession does not always mean high wages. As for the highest paid positions, first of all, highly qualified doctors should be singled out - their salaries are considered the highest in the country. Please note that in this case, not only the prestige of the medical institution and the state where it is located, but also the experience of the specialist himself plays an important role. But all in all, city of Atlanta jobs is one of the best concerning the wages.

How can I get a job in Atlanta?

Jobs hiring Atlanta ga needs some efforts. Among the applicants, in the first place, specialists will be singled out who have a certain experience in this direction. This applies to both Americans and immigrants. If you plan to work in the States in the same profession as in your home country, try to provide the American employer with proof of experience. Also, preference will be given to specialists who underwent training directly in the United States. This can be done through one of the many international programs aimed at attracting foreign specialists. The internship is also useful in that employers may notice you when you go through it. Work hard - and you may be offered a good position yourself.

A work visa is a prerequisite for staying and working in the country. Legal work in the United States is confirmed by the appropriate visa:

H1 is offered to candidates with a higher and / or intermediate professional level who have studied for at least 4 years and have practical experience in the area of ​​specialization. Applicants: Scientists, Medical Professionals, Programmers, Engineers, Architects, etc.

Advantages: the opportunity to become a Green Card holder, and in the future become a US citizen.

H2 is intended for people whose activities are related to manual labor. These include:

working specialties in the field of agriculture;

athletes, actors, show business artists and others.

Employment of this kind does not give the right to permanently reside in the country.

Foreigners temporarily staying in the territory of the state can also apply for a short-term work visa. These include:

Students (18 to 25 years old) with an F-1 visa;

Foreigners under the J visa exchange program (Work and Travel and Au pair);

Graduates of educational institutions (20 to 32 years old) participating in internship programs or planning to practice after training, internship in the United States;

Immigrants who received political / social asylum in America;

Immigrants applying for a Green Card.

Why should I choose Atlanta? What are the advantages of working here?

Numerous polls of tourists and independent studies deservedly include Atlanta in the list of the most beautiful cities in the world. In addition to modern architectural objects in the city, there are many national parks, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, beaches and other interesting places.

The United States is one of the largest countries in terms of population after China and India. At the same time, it occupies a leading position in terms of ethnic composition. Cultural and linguistic diversity greatly simplifies the adaptation process. In addition, English is the main language here. So Atlanta, as a part of the USA, is an amazing place!

A high standard of living, a large economy and effective laws create optimal conditions for attracting foreign investment and successful business in the United States. In the annual report of the Doing Business agency, the state is ranked 6th.

The United States has low unemployment and a strong labor market, which allows many skilled foreigners to find jobs in American companies with decent wages.

Excellent infrastructure, large-scale cultural and sports events, varied cuisine and many places to spend entertaining leisure.

The possibility of obtaining a permanent legal Work place of residence, the employer has the right to submit an application (for a specialist);

Work experience in a foreign company;

Improving the level of English;

Acquaintance with the people and culture of the country;

After the internship / internship, you can get a reference sheet from the employer;

No age discrimination;

Ability to work and study at the same time thanks to a variety of exchange programs;

Compliance with the employer's work / rest schedule;

Decent earnings;

Career prospects.

As you may see jobs hiring Atlanta and getting part time jobs Atlanta may seem like a daunting task, but it is possible for every foreigner employee! Good luck!