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Seattle is an amazing city with lots of possibilities for its visitors. Seattle is home to a wide range of industries such as medicine, technology, engineering, education, and theatre. Seattle is home to many fast-growing companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks, and more! No wonder Seattle is an attractive city for international students to study English. 

Seattle has a thriving economy with many employment opportunities for immigrants considering starting their businesses or seeking work at established firms. Seattle's large employers support a large number of jobs and often offer vacancies for professionals at different levels.

However, finding jobs in Seattle may not be easy. Some people search for a long time, some ask around, and some go through all the websites. The editorial staff of our portal knows where and how to find a job in Seattle and is ready to share it with you!

What jobs are in demand in Seattle?

If you don't have a job already, there are plenty of job opportunities in Seattle. Although the job market is competitive, and Seattle residents are known to be very hardworking, there are still jobs available for experienced immigrant professionals. There are a lot of jobs in Seattle, pretty diverse businesses, the computer industry, serious companies around Seattle like Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks, but Starbucks is not a software company, but there are a lot of them. There are non-software companies too. Historically there was a large aircraft industry there.

Employers prefer to look for employees through several channels at once, either through recruitment agencies or by posting their vacancies on the internet.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to work effectively with agencies in another country. But finding remote jobs in Seattle online is possible. And our company is here to help. Here you can find work from home jobs in Seattle from employers in different fields.

Job applicants in Seattle without a college degree who do not speak English can apply for vacancies in the service industry, hotel business, transportation and trucking, and agriculture. Jobs as a driver or longshoreman, maid, janitor, packer, or handyman are not hard to find. You're also able to find part-time jobs in Seattle. Companies need workers for farms, fruit and vegetable harvesting, etc. Just as in European countries, there are options to find a nanny, a governess, a nurse, a housekeeper. And also many others. 

What are the requirements for employers in Seattle?

Employees must have the following qualities:

  • diligence;

  • a responsible attitude to job responsibilities;

  • the ability to assess the current situation and make the right decisions;

  • ability to withstand considerable physical exertion;

  • desire to learn and the ability to apply acquired knowledge in practice.

Seattle jobs hiring have a few requirements such as a responsible attitude to the task, diligence (physical ability to perform a large amount of work), health, which allows one to experience constant stress, and endurance. The main thing is the desire to work and receive a decent wage for the work performed.

To apply for jobs in Seattle, you need a U.S. work visa and social security card. To obtain a permit and travel to the United States legally, at the consulate present documents confirming:

  • English language proficiency;

  • diploma of secondary professional or higher education;

  • а copy of your work record book;

  • resume;

  • оther certificates confirming work experience in the specialty, an invitation from the employer.

What is the cost of living in Seattle?

It is difficult to rent a flat quickly and cheaply in Seattle. That's because of the city's port (visiting ship crews tend to move to land for the layover) and the high level of business activity. There are lots of different apartments for any budget and taste. But you need to be careful making your choice.

For those coming to Seattle to work, it is best to find an apartment in advance. So you don't have to waste your time, nerves, and money looking for the best deal, use our help. It's easy to find real estate listings for sale and ready to rent across the US.

Our team has the strictest requirements for the accuracy of the information posted. Once you have found a match you can contact the owner and be assured that when you arrive in Seattle, the house pictured in the listing will be there waiting for you.

What is the salary in Seattle?

The salary depends on the job, your skills and the amount of work. We'll give you a few examples for a better understanding of the market.

They regularly hire cooks and other workers in the kitchen. They pay about $18 an hour. A siding worker is needed, too. The payment is negotiable, $20 to $25 an hour. Some workers are engaged in laying the floor, it is a laminate parquet. The payment is about 20 dollars too. Construction assistants are in demand in the market. 

Demand for cleaning houses and offices payment is from $25 to $30 an hour.

There are a lot of vacancies for educators in kindergartens. The payment varies from $15 to $20. They also take babysitters for the child privately and pay around $50 a day.

Window installers also get $18 to start then they pay $20 if they have experience.

We also made a list of well-paid jobs in Seattle by specialty area: car painter, auto mechanic, car washer, electrician, concrete worker, cook, loader, housekeeper, bricklayer, manager, roofer, courier, painter, foreman, mechanic, cleaner, installer, waiter, security guard, seller, gardener, sorter, carpenter, technologist, packer, electrician.

The payment depends on your certain job, however, any overtime payment is significantly higher, double-overtime payment is common. Hourly payment may be lower, for example from two dollars an hour, but this is acceptable when the employee receives any bonuses, bonuses, or payments, such as tips from a client.

How can I get a job in Seattle?

The best way is an online search. However, the big problem is the scam. There are a large number of agencies on the US market today offering to find high-paying jobs in a short period. Such companies first ask for a fee and then simply disappear. It is, therefore, better to choose companies with a good reputation beforehand to avoid falling into the trap of scammers.

The best site for job search is Layboard. Our team can help you easily find a job in Seattle for any occupation, or even for those who have no special training (such as longshoremen or handymen). There are many jobs you can get after arrival at least for the beginning. If you are not fluent in English and you need at least to start with something and work here is a reasonable option.