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Few words about work in Indonesia

Indonesia is a very colorful, extraordinary and exotic country with great potential. Many foreigners not only seek to visit famous Indonesian beaches and see local attractions, but also come to work. Jobs in Indonesia for Indians, and not only in 2021, are primarily related to tourism in the famous Balinese resorts or to skilled labor in the economic and financial center of the country, the capital of Jakarta.  The main requirements are knowledge of English, a work permit and a work visa. The major part of the responsibility for the processing of these documents for the foreign specialist lies with the Indonesian company, which concludes the employment contract with the foreign worker. The prior finding of an employer is the main concern of the applicant and a condition for legal employment in Indonesia.  

What are the requirements for those who want a job in Indonesia?

In most cases work in Indonesia requires a higher education diploma and five years' work experience. Exceptions are English language teachers and international organization volunteers, or workers in fields where special education and extensive work experience are not needed. Also in most job vacancies Indonesia important is the qualification and skills of the foreign worker, as well as the obligatory knowledge of English and preferably but not necessarily Indonesian language are crucial. It is absolutely not advisable to come to the country with the hope of finding a job already on the spot, unless only for the interview or for tourist purposes, which on the contrary is good for you and your career in Indonesia. Jobs in Indonesia for foreigners without intermediaries requires patience and maximum coverage of all possible sources of information. The largest concentration of jobs for foreigners is in the capital, Jakarta, where the highest wages are in all positions. If you want, you can find work in other cities.

What is the salary in Indonesia for foreigners?

The average wage in Indonesia in 2021 is between $565 and $635. The official minimum wage depends on the region, for example in Jakarta the rate is 4.42 million rupees or 310 dollars per month. Jobs in Indonesia for Indian freshers can offer very good wages, but wages in Indonesia are highly dependent on the profession. Most often, foreigners seek employment in international companies or industries in high-skilled jobs, where they can expect a salary of $2,000 or more. For example, financial managers get between $1.5 and $2.5,000, and experienced engineers get up to $5,000. But the easiest job is in the service industry. The salary will be slightly lower, but it is easier to get to work, as Indonesia is a popular tourist country and millions of tourists come here every year to enjoy the local nature, sea and climate. This places a lot of pressure on the hotel and restaurant and entertainment business, and on the whole gray service, so it will be much easier to find a job in such a place, and the employees there are very much in demand.

How can I get a job in Indonesia?

Employment in Indonesia is a little more difficult than in some other countries, but it is worth it. The most important thing is to get a visa and a work permit. Generally speaking, work permits are issued for short periods in Indonesia. Usually for one year, less often for 3-5 years, depending on the vacancy you intend to work in and the terms of the employer. Moreover, the company undertakes to provide special vocational training to local citizens who will eventually be able to replace the foreigner in the workplace. Indonesia’s immigration laws change quite frequently, which creates additional difficulties for migrant workers, but it is a pleasure to work here. But don’t worry about it - nobody can’t just fire you because you’re under contract, and that would be a breach of contract, which would entail liability. Once a work permit is issued, a foreigner is granted a work visa at the Indonesian Consulate. Upon arrival in Indonesian territory within 7 days, you must contact the Regional Immigration Office for a temporary stay card, in other words a residence permit. Normally, the document is issued within two weeks and is valid for one year. And if you decide to stay and work here, after five years of continuous residence in Indonesia, you can get a permanent residence permit.