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As everyone knows, San Francisco is located in the United States the informal name of this city is "City by the Bay" or "City of Fogs". San Francisco openings  took place in the 18th century. This city is considered economically developed, and the "Gold Rush" contributed to the rapid development of banks and, accordingly, the city. The most famous place in San Francisco is considered to be the island of Alcatraz, where thousands of tourists gather every year.

What are the most popular jobs in San Francisco for Indians?

There are many Indians in San Francisco as well as in the United States in general. Jobs in San Francisco ca very popular among Indians because there are so many vacancies.  And many Inians use work from home jobs in San Francisco or remote jobs in San Francisco.Therefore, employers offer many vacancies for these citizens, given that immigrants in this city more than 30%. The most popular jobs among Indians are migrant workers

Warehouse worker. The requirements for this profession are small, but you still need to be responsible, learn quickly, and have US citizenship. Also, many Hindus work as engineers, technicians. Requirements:

  • work experience of 5 years in the field of business communications
  • diploma of higher education
  • communication
  • knowledge of a foreign language, etc.

Many Hindus also work as medical assistants.

Of course, the highs for this profession are the highest

  • appropriate education
  • ability to work in a team
  • multitasking
  • sociability, etc.

How to get a job in San Francisco?

San Francisco, like most states in the United States, has many cultures and peoples, but in San Francisco it is almost impossible to get a job illegally, to get a job you need to sign an employment contract with an employer and get a work visa. Of course San Francisco needs skilled workers. Of course, the goal of almost every immigrant who comes to San Francisco and the United States, respectively, is the so-called "Green Card" - a document in the form of a card that allows foreigners to travel freely around the country and get a job, as well as the opportunity to obtain citizenship. There are several types of work visas in San Francisco.

H-1B visa - it is considered to be the most popular issued for 3-4 years with the right to extend mainly to highly skilled workers with work experience. Has a number of requirements, in particular

Diploma of higher education. Bachelor's degree (minimum) and relevant licenses for health professionals

Also especially popular among foreigners is the so-called "seasonal work visa" issued for up to 1 year with the possibility of extension for up to 3 years.

And there are also special visas for religious figures, for certified nurses, for models and so on

What are the salaries in San Francisco?

San Francisco has developed many industries, from engineering to the modeling business. San Francisco has an hourly rate of $ 12 if the company has more than 20 employees and $ 10 per hour if the state has less than 20 employees. Currently, the average salary in San Francisco is $ 4,000. Part time jobs San Francisco lasts from three hours.

Of course, much depends on qualifications and place of work. Because, for example, company executives can count on $ 12,000 a month. The most popular professions among foreigners in San Francisco are:

  • assistant doctor (salary 90,000 / year)
  • builder (35000 / year)
  • waiter (20,000 / year)
  • cook (25000 / year)
  • fitness trainer (40,000 / year)
  • programmer (100000 / year)

It is worth noting that most in San Francisco receive doctors, and the least staff. 

The girls here work mainly in the field of beauty (makeup artists, models) or nannies, maids, salesmen and more. Men, in turn, work as handymen, or builders, drivers, and so on.

Can you work in San Francisco without a degree?

The diploma is considered a confirmation of knowledge and qualifications, as well as an advantage among employers in hiring workers. San Francisco is no exception. In this city, as in the United States in general, it is difficult to find a job with a decent salary without a diploma and knowledge of English. There is also the option of working at home, but this job also requires appropriate qualifications and basic knowledge of a foreign language. Part time jobs in San Francisco lasts up to 4 hours. For people who do not have citizenship or a residence permit, you need the appropriate H1 B visa mentioned above. Sometimes this visa can be sponsored by a company that offers a job to a foreign worker. But he in turn needs to provide a certain package of documents.

What are the requirements for employers in San Francisco?

Of course, like any company, in San Francisco, employers make certain demands on foreign workers.

  • punctuality
  • education
  • ability to work in a team
  • ability to think critically
  • ability to think outside the box
  • communication skill
  • accuracy, etc.

 Of course, these requirements may vary depending on the profession and place of work. As we can see, employers provide many opportunities to jobs in San Francisco.