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Many believe that working in New York emigrants is a pipe dream. It's not like that at all. This city has long won the title of the capital of the world, opening up tremendous opportunities for hardworking, literate and ambitious people. Many emigrants, who come to America in 2021, want to get a job in their profession received at home.

But few people manage to find the desired job in new york city and sign an employment contract on the spot. This is feasible only by invitation received in his own country, or by having acquaintances in New York who can help in this matter.

You should not overestimate your chances of getting any high position, even if a person occupied a leading position in the homeland. In America, it is customary to accept any job with respect.

Knowledge of the language is of great importance. Usually, the beginning of jobs in new york ny is associated with the vacancies of a nurse, security guard, nanny, cleaner, waiter and other professions in the service sector. And you will have to find this job yourself. But it is guaranteed a certain income on which you can live in New York.

What jobs are in demand in New York?

According to the reviews of emigrants who have already passed this stage, with the available useful skills, such as the ability to dance, sing, repair cars or do repairs, the chances of finding something higher paid increase several times. There is a great chance to make money on the Internet. Having experience as a freelancer in your country, you can do the same in America as jobs in new york for indians.

Websites that help to find a part time jobs in new york for expatriates say that it is imperative to be able to do something in order to get a job in New York.

In addition, it will be necessary to confirm the existing diploma of education in America. At the same time, additional exams are taken to check the reliability of the knowledge gained.

New York has a high unemployment rate, but a foreigner can still find a place to earn a living. Native Americans do not like to work - they often live on government benefits.

Therefore, emigrants are welcome everywhere because of their hard work and high professionalism for job vacancy in new york.

Babysitters and Housekeepers

Young girls are always in demand in families with small children or old people. According to numerous reviews, this option is ideal at the very beginning of life in a foreign country, when there is still no place to live. Babysitters and housekeepers usually live in the houses where they work in they find job vacancies in new york.

The vacancy of a home tenant or caring for an elderly person will soon become very popular, as people of this age are becoming more and more and, accordingly, they need to be looked after without a license for this type of activity.


Young guys who want to work as drivers with the license of the country of residence may face a little difficulty, since they will need an American driver's license. By acquiring such rights, the roads become open.

Moreover, it is possible to rise in earnings in this field in just a couple of months - this applies to work in cargo transportation.

Working professions

Having the skills to work with plumbing, electricity or a computer, you can easily find a suitable vacancy. Also can be found part time jobs for students in new York.

Trade sphere

Even without special skills, everyone will find a place in the trade, in extreme cases, as a cleaner. Although for this you will need to have at least minimal knowledge of English.

Online trading

This type of earnings is becoming more and more popular every year. Knowing the market and understanding high technologies, you can try yourself in this area. There is an option to open your own store or to join the existing ones. Goods from America are in good demand today in Russia and Ukraine.

This type of business is good for the inability to lose or go bankrupt. In this case, the main thing is to conduct your business honestly and not to chase the "long" ruble.

Public catering

Vacancies such as a waiter, bartender, dishwasher or chef's assistant are always open in the catering system. And it does not require any special skill, skill or diploma with a license. And you can make money in such places very well, although such jobs in new york for foreigners cannot be called easy.

What is the salary in New York?

Salaries in New York can differ materially from those in other cities. However, if we talk about the average level of earnings of American citizens living in this city, then we can only mean the general indicator. This is due to the fact that representatives of certain professions can receive completely different money for their work. For example, a city worker might have one income and a healthcare worker might have another. And you need to check visa information.

However, in New York, on average, they receive more than in the rest of the localities. Only California cities can compete.

American citizens are eager to move to the West Coast, closer to the Pacific Ocean. They generally have a fairly high level of mobility and do not live where they were born and raised, but where they pay more.

What is the cost of living in New York?

There is no official minimum wage in this country; the law does not force business owners to pay their employees a certain minimum amount per month of work. The lowest level of payment is set for one hour of work in job opportunities in new york.

On average, it turns out to be about $ 3500 per month. Such spending allows you not only to live from paycheck to paycheck, but also to save most of your earnings for the future (including taxes).

How and where to look for work in New York?

There are several ways to help expats quickly find a job in New York:

  • There are American sites of this kind -, and;

  • A good way to find a job is to contact an employment agency.

And you shouldn't just look at ads with vacancies - you need to place your resume on the same sites in parallel and wait for a call. You can find a job in America much faster, given these recommendations.

There are several reasons why it is recommended to immediately seek help in your job search from a recruiting company:

  • You don't have to worry about the lack of a work permit in the country. The company can easily find a place where it is not required;

  • The company always has an employee who will be happy to help his compatriot;

  • The service is provided free of charge. Money is taken after getting a job - one week;

  • Time and money are saved as professionals look for jobs. At the same time, you can search for options on your own, having the opportunity to compare these two methods;

  • Very quick employment, even without permits and not knowing English.

In case of failures in all of the above methods, it remains only to embark on a long walk around the city, reading the announcements on the doors, pillars and windows. You will have to go to each such place and fill out a questionnaire. And the more such places will be passed, the more there will be a choice, such as hotel jobs in new York.

But, even having received any vacancy, you should not stop, but continue looking for a more prestigious and highly paid job.